young prisms

young prisms


Young Prisms are a San Francisco collective who make some shoegazy, lo-fi guitar tunes influenced by the psychedelic tradition of their Golden State forbears. Their sun-drenched, washed-out sounds recall hearing Kurt Vile's 70s AM rock through a conch shell-- Pitchfork forkcast


Young Prisms is a San Francisco psychedelic/garage/beach-pop band, influenced by the California coast. The band strands its listeners in the solitude of a beach fireworks display with nothing but lights for the tongue and acid for the ears--arresting, colors everywhere. Made up of Matthew Allen, Giovanni Betteo, Jason Hendardy, Stefanie Hodapp, and Jordan Silbert, Young Prisms has been prying minds open with their stellar sounds for less than a year since Silbert made the transition from Detroit to San Francisco


split cassette with worldwide computer god on southpaw recs.

S/T 12" EP on Mexican Summer records.

7" coming soon on southpaw records.

LP and 7" coming soon. label-tba

Set List

7 songs: 25-30 mins. always changing set list.