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"25 Must-Hear Artists from the CMJ Festival"

25 Must-Hear Artists from the CMJ Festival
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Hometown: San Francisco
Sounds like: Shoegazer pop, with back-of-the-mix vocals that allow dark guitar melodies to surge through.
Recommended if you like: Spiritualized, Deerhunter
You should know: The band names Charlton Heston and "late night spiritual pow wows" as influences. -

"Forkcast Young Prisms: "Weekends and Treehouses""

Young Prisms are a San Francisco collective who make some shoegazy, lo-fi guitar tunes influenced by the psychedelic tradition of their Golden State forbears. Their sun-drenched, washed-out sounds recall hearing Kurt Vile's 70s AM rock through a conch shell-- so they should fit in well as his labelmates on Brooklyn's Mexican Summer, who will release their self-titled EP next month. -

"Young Prisms, Steve Shiffman Artists to watch 2009"

Young Prisms is a San Francisco psychedelic/garage rock band with roots in Detroit. The group is made up of Matthew Allen, Giovanni Betteo, Jason Hendardy, Stefanie Hodapp, and Jordan Silbet. The Prisms are releasing two 12?, one with Brooklyn-based label Mexican Summer and the other with Oakland-based label South Paw Records. There is a tremendous upside for these Bay Area rockers, look for 2010 to be a breakout year for them. They will be in town next month playing at L’Keg Gallery on August 23rd. -

"Young Prisms// Feel Fine"

Latest from San Fransisco beach-y shoegazers, Young Prisms. Their mp3 purchase has been up on Mexican Summer for the past week or so and now they have opened the pre-order gates for the 12?. Looks like they’ll be blasting up the left coast with other MS dudes (and our favs) Woodsman. Pre-order.

"Young Prisms- Weekends & Treehouses"

Young Prisms- Weekends & Treehouses

Another day, another summery lo-fi jam. Young Prisms first came to my attention while I was browsing the Mexican Summer website. The boutique record label only prints very small quantities of albums, releasing music by artists such as The Tallest Man On Earth, Dungen, Kurt Vile, and Wooden Shjips, just to name a few.

"Young Prisms Answers The Questions Of Doom!"

San Fran's Young Prisms conjures up more styles than a switch of the AM/FM dial in a Ford Mustang on a vanishing point trip to nowhere: psychedelic jams, drones, and 60s acid pop. We love it. Within the poppy grooves of their self released tape and subsequent Mexican Summer 12", you'll hear the transatlantic influence of Spacemen 3 and the narcotic and neurotic New York sounds of Suicide and Velvet Underground, until it moves and transfers itself into the finest pop driven, psychedelic acid punk head music you'll hear this year. -

"CMJ 2009: 10 Bands That Killed It — Or Died Trying"

I wasn’t at New York City’s CMJ 2009, but luckily the Internet was – and, thank God, they have Twitter. With the cool kids’ Tweeted recommendations in mind, I’ve subjected myself to a CMJ marathon right here in sunny Los Angeles via MySpace and Mediafire to bring you the best of the festival – the bands that, in the parlance of our time, were killing it.
young prisms-
drone-y basement psych from San Francisco blunt-smokers – there’s some sharp songwriting buried under the haze, but you’ll have to be a regular Gorilla Vs. Bear reader to hear it. They play the Smell on January 6 next year. -

"your missing out: young prisms"

Monday is no fun; attempting to switch gears from the comforts of a weekend often leaves one in a groggy daze. Not to mention the weather in October has been nothing short of frigid, completely bypassing any semblance of Autumn and causing the trees around me to drop their leaves without even changing colors. However, if there is a new band that can successfully warm spirits and slowly coax one out of said Monday grog it's Young Prisms.

While in San Francisco, a buddy of mine was telling me about his friend's band that he described as "really spacey" and "righteous". Unfortunately I never watched them perform while in town nor wrote down their band name (see: spacey), yet a few weeks after returning home a manila envelope arrived with the sounds of Young Prisms. Containing the warmth of the west coast, "Feel Fine" has a dreamy lo-fi feel that sounds as if it was recorded between the top of the ocean and the bottom of the sky. "Weekends and Treehouses" adds more substance to their shoegaze formula, whilst containing enough warmth to make cold October slightly more enjoyable. -


split cassette with worldwide computer god on southpaw recs.

S/T 12" EP on Mexican Summer records.

7" coming soon on southpaw records.

LP and 7" coming soon. label-tba



Young Prisms is a San Francisco psychedelic/garage/beach-pop band, influenced by the California coast. The band strands its listeners in the solitude of a beach fireworks display with nothing but lights for the tongue and acid for the ears--arresting, colors everywhere. Made up of Matthew Allen, Giovanni Betteo, Jason Hendardy, Stefanie Hodapp, and Jordan Silbert, Young Prisms has been prying minds open with their stellar sounds for less than a year since Silbert made the transition from Detroit to San Francisco