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I was born on the West Coast, shortly after that my mom packed up and moved us to Atlanta by stepping out on faith. I was raised in Decatur, GA on the eastside of da "A", home to some of the best hustlers, rappers, and real G's Americas ever seen! We moved around alot so i had the chance to meet alot of REAL street niggaz! And on those same streets is where i learned my hustle. Just like any other young cat who was searching for a better way i did what i knew best at the time and that was get out on the block and get it! It sort of came natural to me because almost all the men in my family made a career out of "slangin", but deep down i wasn't that type of dude. Starting in the 8th grade i began selling a lil weed and by 10th grade niggaz was selling for me. I was doing pretty good from the hoods point of view but to everyone outside it, i could be doing something better with my life. Now i was never one of those dumb niggaz, i made good grades when i did go to school but i just couldn't stay out of trouble, neither could the crowd i was running with, we used to call ourself Y.B.C (Young Ballin Click) a name that was once used by my older brother and his homeboys when they was in high school getting money and living reckless! Lol. The name meant alot to us young niggaz, it was sort of like carrying on a legacy. Towards the end of my 9th grade year i met two niggaz that would change my life forever...John Sick and Hollywood Todd. These two niggaz would sit in class everyday making beats on the desk and freestylin with other dudes in the class, John always tried to get me to spit and one day i gave in...what came out was real street shit and the whole class loved it, i know right then that i found my new hustle. Y.B.C quickly turned into a movement recruiting over a hundred young niggaz that was either rapping, selling, bangin or just your ordinary foot soldiers, i couldn't control it all by myself at this point so i had four under bosses. T-Streetz, John Sick, Hollywood, and Young King. Together we all had the streetz on lock! From Columbia High to Southwest and any other high school in Decatur, and from Candler Rd. to Glenwood Rd. my niggaz made noise! Little did i know that it would all change just two years later due to bullshit and egos, man, money is a muthafucka! As time went on niggaz started changing and beefing within the Click, shit became too much, to the point that i denounced myself as the Boss of Y.B.C. Me and my under bosses still made moves though and in the middle of my 11th grade year i found out that life was truely a "bitch"! John Sick passed away that year, Hollywood left for the Army, Young King was doing his own thing, T-Streetz as holding it down and i was being locked up, facing 10 to 15 years on 3 felony charges, talk about hard times? Man only by the blessings of GOD i was able to beat those charges and came out of jail a changed man and focused on my music 100%. After a few years and a couple losses though i got a little discouraged, i was still rapping but i went back to my first love...Mary Jane. I enrolled in Southwest Dekalb High to finish up my senior year, yea i graduated! O.C.F was like a newly formed Y.B.C that me and my under bosses founded before i got locked up and after two and a half years, we back on track! The Click aint dead we was just getting money! Now we making grown man moves, my mixtape is dropping soon and well you know the rest...CATCH ME AT DA TOP!!!