Young River

Young River

 Greenwood, Nova Scotia, CAN

Young River is an original rock band with a unique sound built on the traditions of Rock, Folk and Country. They have a wide range of music and adapt to any situation and venue from wild rock bars to quite, personal cafes.


The members of Young River met at a three way intersection somewhere in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They write modern day nocturnes about the fine lines between secrets and announcements, lust and love, and good and evil. The sound has a history. It pays respect to the seeds of rock and roll and the sweet-nothings of love songs. Their self-titled debut album to be released in 2011 is a lyrical expression of the things we all keep to ourselves, combined with sweltering guitar solos over due-paying rock and roll rhythms. With the release of their first record, Young River will be found chasing white and yellow lines, making noise, and doing time.


Young River -"Young River", 2011

Set List

Enough original music to fill 3, 45 minute sets.