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my first album "Good Life" which has 14 songs, I've been on mix tapes "WritersBlock" also "NiceGuys Finish Deadlast" and I will be droping my new album "Roughest Blocks"



As a child Jerome “YOUNG RIZZLE” Green was raised by a single mother that was left to take care of 3 children, YOUNG RIZZLE being the middle child of his older sister (Stephanie) and younger brother (Jonathan). With there father out of the home there was hard but stable times. As time turned YOUNG RIZZLE’s father never showed an ounce of remorse for his departure from what would have had made a positive influence, but instead it led to YOUNG RIZZLE’s negative behavior. At the age of 7 YOUNG RIZZLE would take a liking to the street’s of Orange County California were he was born September 5th 1979 in the city of Santa Ana, once again being fatherless YOUNG RIZZLE would look up to his uncles as a way to tare away the stain filled soul that his father had left behind. Young Rizzle had no idea that he would be so into music like he is to this day. He got encouragement from he people that helped raised him and has instilled the realism of how to be the best that he can be , now working on his debuted album, Good-Life, that has been constructed at Shack House Recordz located in the city of Santa Ana. Young Rizzle has chosen the song Good-Life, because the tragedy's that he has over come, and he has conquered every challenge that has presented themselves to Young Rizzle Wanting to find his place in life YOUNG RIZZLE began to hang with the wrong crowd and what felt wrong was the totally opposite, filling that the new world of confusion and destruction YOUNG RIZZLE was a part of a life of crime that only had one dreadful ending DEATH or in JAIL for life. YOUNG RIZZLE spent most of his time running the streets and felt that nobody cares for the unloved, but while his mother (Patricia) never showed any means to really support YOUNG RIZZLE and his siblings living off of the county felt like there could be more to life then just a empty less stomach no hot water and a house full drama YOUNG RIZZLE began to make a means out of nothing finding out that crime was a way to fill those stomachs that ach from pain, hunger, and determination YOUNG RIZZLE began to provide like he himself was the man of the house from robbery to pitching on the corners YOUNG RIZZLE still felt that hole in his stomach that he had been filling since the day his father never returned to kids that would ultimately change for what most would call the worst getting locked up didn’t put a scar on the soul that was tarnished by his father YOUNG RIZZLE was already locked up filling alone after spending 3 1\2 years in the California Youth Corrections YOUNG RIZZLE was released and quickly realized that time had kept going while he had lost valuable time to look at life for what was really there YOUNG RIZZLE began taking a liking to hip-hop and the way that people can express them self’s and have the world listen while enjoying the very beautiful essence of music with already a foundation laid out for the West Coast because of some of the most talented rappers like N.W.A (EASY E, DR. DRE, ICE CUBE, MC REN, YELLA, THA D.O.C),CYPRESS HILL ( B-REAL, SEN DOG, DJ MUGGS’), DA LENCH MOB ( J-DEE, T BONE, AND SHORTY), M.C. EIHT, and many more that would put the West Coast in the top prime position to were it sit’s today YOUNG RIZZLE found an old karaoke that his cousin had and began to fix the tape door so he could rhyme off instrumentals YOUNG RIZZLE began writing and free styling into a small hand held tape recorder and from then on YOUNG RIZZLE sharpened up his craft that can be heard all across Southern California from the local hot spots to MySpace or your local record store YOUNG RIZZLE has performed shows at the Knitting Factory( in Hollywood) were I opened up for (Defari from the alkaholiks), The Blue Café (in long beach) the Can Night club (in Orange county) at Club Unique (in Orange County) at La Pachanga (in Orange County) Malone’s Bar and Grill( in Orange County) at the Western Conference at the (L.A. Convention Center) at the (Press Box located in Anaheim, ca) which was hosted and thrown by NAPPER also know as (NAPSAC Clothing located in Orange county, Ca) YOUNG RIZZLE has also been live on the air at BEAT LOUNGE RADIO (in Orange County) “the Real Ax Radio Show”, on KLBC radio station located in the city of Long Beach YOUNG RIZZLE is the next B.I.G thing to rock the mind, body, and soul of this new west movement YOUNG RIZZLE is a force to be wreck end with.