Young Roc

Young Roc

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
SoloHip HopNew Age

Young Roc is an technological genius in his prime producing/writing/vocalist/editing/filming currently working with grammy award winning Mr porter's (of D12) and working on a full album project of his own.


Bursting through the hallowed halls of Detroit’s metaphorical “School of Hip Hop,” Young Roc is a pupil that embraces and respects the rich, gritty history of his hometown institution and its significant contributions to the game.  Coming up through the ranks as an emcee worthy of honorable mention, Roc is equally hailed for his production skills and is often found working in labs alongside the likes of Mr. Porter/DEnAuN, Dej Loaf, Doughboyz Cashout and other Motor City greats such as Adubb Da Gawd and Say It Ain’t Tone [of Big Sean’s “Finally Famous” crew] or Radio One’s DJBJ 3525.  The buzz that grew from songs he produced with city locals has earned him a solid reputation for being a “go to” producer in the city.  Upon entry in the Metro Detroit market, it is not uncommon to hear a Young Roc infused beat playing on the local Clear Channel or Radio One station.  The audible aroma of his beat skills has also traveled to far distances, attracting many noteworthy executives and artists in the industry, including Trinidad James.

Roc began rhyming at age 10 and made his first beat at age 14 on his family’s computer.  Later deemed a noteworthy football star out of Detroit’s Mumford High School, he earned a scholarship to Bethal University in Tennessee.  Building a career in football was his initial goal, however upon entering his senior year at Bethal, Roc decided to turn to his second passion, music, and left his life as a Running Back on the field. Going against the grain and defying his father’s plea to return to school, Roc put his dreams and goals ahead of what others wanted of him and jumped head first into his music.  He has not looked back.  He has no regrets. As shared by Roc, “I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want people to get addicted to my music. I want them to keep pushing ‘replay’ and keep coming back to it.”

Taking rightful ownership as one of the industry’s rising stars, Young Roc is an underclassman that appreciates being trained up by the likes of Grammy Award wining producer/artist Mr. Porter/DEnAuN and other senior classman in the circle such as Royce Da 5’9 and Marvwon.  Having joined Porter’s Detroit based production company, My Own Planet, Roc finds himself in a progressively moving boot camp that provides the platform for him to hone his sound and skills.  This association also provides significant opportunities for growth and engagement with sacred circles very few get the chance to participate in; Roc was also recognized and chosen to join others respected in the craft to participate in Eminem’s “Rap God” music video.

To date, Young Roc has also grown his fan base significantly through the release of a variety of mixtapes such as the 2013 release of “iKilluminati” and 2014’s “Red Cups On The Lawn” (w/Adubb Da Gawd), among other noteworthy singles and features.  Known for being very humble, Roc takes nothing for granted, but always give thanks and appreciation for all that is occurring in his life and career.  When asked what he wants people to know most about him, Roc shares, “I want people to know that I am a normal person with goals that I can accomplish, no matter what’s in front of me. I go get it! I’m a determined individual with solid talent and skills and I can hold my own with the best of them.”  

Young Roc has proven to be one of the shooting stars emerging from the murky waters of Detroit’s Hip Hop underground and will inevitably be hailed not only in the city’s “School of Hip Hop’s ‘Hall of Fame’” but will stake his rightful claim in music overall.