Young Runaways

Young Runaways


Young Runaways is the musical outlet for a group of friends and family based in the West Midlands. With a broad range of classical and popular influences our music has become more cultured over time. Music should tell you something about your life, we believe ours tells our story.


Young Runaways came about as primary
songwriters Phillips and Pinfield began writing a
deluge of new songs. The band today is the
crystallisation of nearly a decade of friendship
between the band members, who have been
through school and university together.
As a band Young Runaways are always looking
to present their songs in new ways, and recently
the line up has expanded to give their live show
the kind of depth in instrumentation and
dynamics previously achieved on record, taking
in acoustics, ukuleles, violins, brass, pianos and
percussion as well as the usual two guitars, bass
and drums.
With all the members originally from the Black
Country city of Wolverhampton the songs speak
of some of the people, places and experiences
the band members have shared growing up


The Workshy & the Weary (2007)
Steeple to the Backyard (2008) -
The Boy & the Beartrap (2009) - May/June

Set List

We adapt our setlist to the occasion, although we have 7 members as a full band we also do acoustic shows as a 3 or 5 piece, so the setlist changes accordingly. A typical set is 35-40 minutes long consisting of perhaps 9 of our songs and then one or two covers.