Young Sage

Young Sage

 Watertown, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Good Hip-Hop music, Real Lyric Witty Word Play


Young Sage embodies everything it takes be a Rap superstar, lyrics, flow, charisma, appeal, image and swagger, the only thing is Sage is not chasing the lifestyle of the rich and famous, he is chasing legendary status and respect to go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. Coming out of the north side of Boston, Somerville Massachusetts he’s planning to put the state on his back and rep it hard for the city of Boston and the Murda Mass.

His new project “I’m Home” is his introduction to the game, consisting of witty wordplay and a cohesive flow he’s ready to bring a genuine flavor back to the future. “I feel the games been missing that real music, the music that comes from the heart, miss the days of the essence”. Ask him of the title of his newest project “I’m Home” and the significance behind it, he simply states. “Music is my life, it’s my therapy, it’s where I go to get away from all the craziness, it’s where I’m most comfortable it’s where I’m suppose to be, where I belong you know, it’s as simple as it sounds I’m Home.”



1. I'm Home (Intro)
2. F***k Sage
3. Hood Ryder Remix ft. Legato & Redd Fox
4. Hood Chick
5. Set It Off
6. GDS Party
7. I Get Money
8.Yall N****s Know
9. Unsigned Hustlas
10.What It's Like
11. Shyne

Set List

5 songs 25 Min