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On August 5,1995, life began as a fight for survival for Cameron Joseph Sanders. Unexpectedly, he had to be delivered by Emergency Caesarean Section as his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, blocking his oxygen supply. Fortunately, within minutes of birth Cameron was amazing the staff, not only with his vitality, but also with his larger than life personality. More than one person commented, "He has an old soul."

Cameron's mother, Julianne, was from a small town called Fair Haven and his father, Jeffrey, was from the big city, Brooklyn. She was an Irish Catholic and he was an African-American Baptist. Both had many close extended family obligations. When they met in December 1991, they each had two children from previous relationships. Julianne worked as a secretary and Jeffrey worked at the local hospital and attended college. After 4 years of living as a combined family, the news of Cameron's birth was joyous. For the first time, both families came together to celebrate. He was born building bridges and making love shine through any conflict.

As an infant, Cameron suffered from a mysterious condition known as "Fever, Unknown Origin." His body temperature would spike to 104 F and above for no reason. After many tests, treatments, and hospitalizations, he seemed to outgrow the condition by age 3. Due to his many illnesses, he was left with a significant hearing loss in his left ear. Cameron was over protected by everyone, especially his paternal grandmother, Beatrice Robinson. Beatrice lived next door and was raising 4 teen grandchildren who loved to get Cameron to perform. He would listen to Tupac and Biggie Smalls; mimicing their lyrics and dance. He developed many talents; including dribbling a basketball like a Globetrotter, hitting a baseball from any pitch, and rapping. Young Cameron would make a rhyme out of anything and everything. He was known "on the block" as "Killa Cam". More than one person commented, " He is like a little man."

At age 5, Cameron attended the Sheldon Institute at SUNY Oswego. This summer program encourages young students to expand and nourish their artistic abilities while learning next to students from all over the world. His eyes were opened to many art forms including Rhythm and Poetry. The program ended with an extravaganza written, produced, designed and performed by the students. Cameron was a natural on the stage. He stole the show with his acrobatic moves and winning stage presence.

Throughout Cameron's adolescence he has used his time well during any school and summer vacations. As an active participant in his family's business, Sanders Daycare, Cameron has shown his natural sense of responsibility in many ways. His willingness to pass on knowledge to those younger than himself, mentoring and helping with homework, leading sports, art, and music activities, and listening to and encouraging children in the daycare are just a few.

During this time, his family became involved in community social issues and Cameron developed an interest in making a positive change with his peers. He started a health routine at age 8 for himself that includes positive nutrition choices, a consistent exercise plan, steady intake of water, and most importantly, no drugs or alcohal. He lives a Christian life including helping the needy, weak, or ill. He donates much of allowance to collection boxes on a daily basis. He has been active in fundraising and food collection for local charities, as well as collecting clothing and shoes for the local homeless shelters. He is also a loving and fun babysitter to his niece, Layla, his nephew, Zeb, and his numerous cousins.

In late 2007, Cameron compiled his notebooks filled with raps and thoughts he had been writing his whole life and decided he wanted them to be recorded. At night he would pray that God would make it possible for him to get into a studio and start to live his dream of entering the entertainment industry. At the same time, the Darryl (DC) Clark moved into Cameron's neighborhood right across the street. DC along with Neno Lawrence, operates GNT MUZIK/BEATDOX Productions and agreed to let Cameron check it out. After his first day, DC let Cameron's parents know that Cameron indeed had talent and fresh sound as well as he could take direction and criticism at a professional level. DC and Cameron's parents agreed to allow DC to assist in his development as an artist and Cameron joined GNT.

His first recording, Thing For This Music, was played on WDWN, the radio station at Cayuga Community College in the summer of 2008. The DJ, John McLeod, remarked to the audience that Cameron just turned 13 and had the most requested song in the history of his show. He continues to get good airplay and has a following on WDWN.

Cameron's first live performance was at the annual Community Night Out in Ithaca, NY. He performed along with other GNT artists and the two songs he performed re


Yong Siege The "Mixtape"

Released May, 2010

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