young skeeter

young skeeter

 Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

hard working,ambitious, enegetic artist from dallas, Tx striving to succeed in the music industry.


Reginald Isaac jr. aka. Young Skeeter was born in Dallas TX, raised in the hood where money was a issue and dreams wasn't thought of young skeeter had a dream of becoming a hip hop artist. He started freestyling at the age of 9, beating on desktops, chalkboards, school portables, and rapping to females until their cheeks turn red. When he turned 11 he started writing his own music he was anti-social couldn't complete his classwork assignments on time because he was too busy writing new songs that popped up in head Young Skeeter recorded his first song at the age 17, after getting use to recording and performing in front a crowds of people he feels like he is the best rapper in his local circuit.

In 2010 he started moving his single Walk with a Limp which is now available on itunes and be on the look out for his EP entitled A star In The Making and his debut album Biploar..Young Skeeter goal is to get in the music industry and get paid doing what i enjoy doing and thats making music.


Young skeeter have two singles walk with a limp and make dat booty roll now avaliable for sale on amazon, itunes , and etc.