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Cock Back featuring Chingy "Hittmenn Dj Bishop"
Any Body Can Get it featuring Chingy and Jkon


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jeffery "Spiffy" Bailey was born August 26, 1988 to his parents Jeffery Bailey Sr. And Regina Bailey. He was born at Depaul Hospital in Saint Louis Missouri, following his two older sisters Jenna and Jacey Bailey. His family has always been known as a hard working family. The same work ethic/mentality was passed from generation to generation with the Baileys.

From his great grandparents picking cotton as slaves, to his grandparents cutting grass to take care of a household, to generation right before him hustling in the streets plus other jobs, he always heard stories about being on your grind to survive. Ever since Spiffy was a small child, growing up on the Northside streets of Saint Louis, his grind effort was focus mostly on one thing, his music.

He followed other aspiring entertainers in his family. Those entertainers while aspiring, were his inspirations. Howard Bailey, known to the world as the internationally multi-platinum selling, Capitol Records Recording artist Chingy, started rapping when he was eight years old. Spiffy was born when Howard "Chingy" Bailey was eight years old, so he always looked up to him and wanted to do what he was doing.

"It's a good thing that my definition of ‘grindin' was to make this music and follow Chingy footsteps, instead sellin drugs and following in my cousins, aunties, and uncles that are locked up or dead footsteps. I just always wanted to make music and be as successful as I possibly could be in that."

During his freshman year in highschool, Spiffy started promoting himself in his hometown. Doing shows at local skating rink, making posters, and recording in his own basement on only $500 worth of equipment. At the end of his freshman year, Chingy was signed to Ludacris' Desturbing The Peace, had 3 number one singles. and sold over 3 million copies of his first album Jackpot. "That really gave me that extra boost like okay I can do it because I've been following in the right footsteps."

As Chingy's success came, local record labels were putting deals on the table for Spiffy. "I was not about to sign a recording, production, or shopping deal because I had been doing that stuff on my own. I knew that could take away from my money I make in the future and I also didn't want to limit myself to the cheap deals they were trying to give me. I paid for my own photo shoot, and started recording with D2 records on a non-contract binding agreement."

After making enough songs and proving he was a talented song writer and had a good flow, local production team the Trackstarz took interest in him, they told Spiffy to stop working with D2 and wait to work with them. A year and a half later, Spiffy couldn't wait any longer and was about to sign a contract to D2. Chingy had just gotten out of a cheating contract with DTP, and told spiffy he would be starting a record label and Spiffy should come to his studio and work on his album.

Spiffy is now almost complete with his album and has worked with artists such as J-Kwon, Lil Flip, Chopper, and Chris Brown. He has worked with producers such as the Trackstarz, Jermaine Dupri, Basement Beats, The Track Kings, Mannie Fresh, and still working with more people.

"I've basically been working on my album for 3 years and I've put all my energy into it, I promised to myself and the world I got somethin hot coming. My first single hasn't been decided yet but I promise it will be a classic."