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Young Tee

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If I had 30 seconds to describe my music or either me period, I would first off say that I am totally blessed, I'm hott, I'm confident, Hard-Working, Talented, Creative, Amazing, Dedicated to reaching the peak of my career, 1 of the greatest rappers out, Cocky, Errigant, Serious, & I'm gonna make it


Check 1 Check 2 you are about to enter a new era of lyrics spit by a young, educated and talented Cortez Johnson -B.K.A.-Young Tee.
While entering the music industry this unique lyricist, hopes to become one of the most influential songwriters and evolutionary hip-hop artist in today’s thriving society. The one and only Young Tee has a fresh new flavor of expressionology combined with hot hooks straight from the inner city heart of C-Land (Cleveland Ohio).

Cortez discovered his gifted talent in music at the age of nine-years- old ever since then he has diligently continued to pursue his music career. He wants to send positive messages and use his life as an example to encourage and inspire the upcoming younger hip-hop generation. In addition to obtaining success in his music career Cortez also has other optional preferences to balance his diversified personality. He plans to graduate and attend college to become an Engineer Technologist.

Young Tee’s motivation is the Lord Jesus Christ, his family and the ole’ school generation because they paved the way in hip hop culture; A few other respected artists he admires are T.I., Tupac, The Diplomats, his big brother Chop and his cousin Longnose.

Young Tee’s favorite athletic hobbies are b-ball, football, soccer, video games, and running track. He is crispy fresh, coming up on the musical charts, hot - #1 multi-talented, especially when he is in his lyrical element.


1st: Get Down
Singles: Get Down, Deep Passion, & So Fresh.

2nd: Young Tee
Singles: Wut U Ridin, In Da Club, & Playa Like Me.

3rd: Almost Famous--{NOT YET COMPLETE}
Singles: 2 Fly, Fresh Az I Be, & I Be Get N Money.

(AIRPLAY) Wut U Ridin, Beat-N-Down Ya Block, Cleveland Rock's, In Da Club, So Fresh, 2 Fly, & Fresh Az I Be!!

Set List

Well, My sets ar usually not too short, Not too long, But, Just the right legnth ya know!! I usually wil do 5 songs; But, 3 of them would be chopped down to 1 verse, But, The other 2 will be the whole song. Oh when I put on a show, I put on a show2!! Like no otha!! I always have up to 4 dancers, my dj, & my hype man. Now that , I beleive is an important obsticle to persue!!