Young Tezz

Young Tezz

 Huntsville, Alabama, USA

I'm a singer-songwriter that tries to connect with my fans with my own personal experiences or experiences that would relate to them. I believe music should have a purpose and every song I write and the way I perform it serves its purpose, if not, then I hit them with something harder next time.


Young Tezz a.k.a the big guy with the little voice, continues to grow and perfect his craft as his life takes him to to new heights. With a unique style of song writing, an out going personality, and a soft yet soulful voice, he hopes to continue to always bring something new to the industry. Born and raised in Huntsville Alabama, a town not really known for its musical talents, Tezz discovered his love for music at an early age when he joined his youth choir at church. He had already sang in plenty of choirs before dating back to pre-school years but it was in his youth choir that he truly developed a love for singing and pushed for solo parts on almost every song. After the demise of the youth choir He let singing take a backseat. Poetry was his new outlet which would soon leade him into his song writing. He would always imitate artists that he loved when asked to perform but didn't take it any further. Football, wrestling, and academics took over everything in his life for a few years. It wasn't until 2005 when his friend Jason Erving, better known as J-Erv was working on a mixtape and asked Tezz to sing on one of his tracks that he made his return. From then on, Young Tezz was officially born into the R&B world. His first time in a real studio, He recorded a rough cut solo track of what is now a Myspace classic "HeartBreak" and from then on formed a group with J-Erv and six of their closest friends (also solo artists) who they felt were serious and ready for stardom. Tezz was the only singer out of seven rappers. The group would become known as "Deadly Combination" with a variety of styles piled all into one album. The group consisted of J-Erv, J Reu, Aristotle, Young Tezz, Titan, Zilla, Sauceman, and Statz. The group began recording their first album but never finished. Deadly combination was no more with only five remaining. Titan, Zilla, and Sauceman decided that they were not ready to pursue their dream and upon mutual agreement left the group. This was rocky summer in 2006, but Tezz did place in the top 25 of Alabama Idol that year. With only five members remaining and plenty of people still saying the member count was to high to get signed all at once, Magnificent 5 or Mag 5 was born. Mag 5 had a stronger run doing shows and even almost completing an album. The group truly showed their skill and want to achieve nothing but greatness in the industry. With unique songs all written, produced and composed by themselves, it seemed like all that could stop Mag'5 was Mag'5. They also picked up a manager by the name of Chris Lampley, to help guide them. In 2007 they signed a Consultant deal with Taylord Ent out of Atlanta. The group also debuted for the first time together live at club SugarHill at a Taylord showcase. The reaction was anything but pleasent but as always the boys went back to the lab to improve. It was their first show together and they learned from it. Success was short lived with another member (Statz) ready to leave on his own personal reasons. And then there were four, Tezz, Erv, Reu, and Aristotle. With a new name and look, Mag'4 took everything from their past and learned from it. After firing their old manager and adopting a new one in the form of J-Erv's sister Ebony Erving,they first showed their talents at the Black Arts Festival, an annual event in Huntsville Alabama. After the crowd's warm reaction, Mag'4 would go on to open for the likes of Plies, Rick Ross, and Juvenille, work with THENEXT.TV and win their competition, and do commercials for businesses in their hometown, most famous being Rock Bottom carpets thats still run today. In the midst of things, Ebony helped with making shirts, providing housing on Atlanta trips, and trying to keep everything in line. The group and Ebony parted ways on mutual terms. Mag'4 had hits under their belt, and a fanbase growing rapidly from countless interviews and fan to artist interaction from youtube to myspace. Yet again, Mag'4 reached a turning point when Three of the four decided to move to Atlanta to pursue their dreams. The group is now called Redstone consisting of Aristotle, J Reu, and J Erv. Tezz and all members of the group are still on good terms and continue to make music whenever they can together. Now once again solo, Young Tezz was left behind to find his own way. It was a mutual split with the group and both sides knew why Tezz couldn't leave but things would not be easy. Tezz continued to go to his vocal coach and push his song writing ability even with no work in line. Soon a Myspace message from a Young Ceo, Edward Styles would change things forever. Edward, also from Huntsville better known as Cadilllac, wanted to take Tezz under his wing and help him in his journey to the top of the industry. Within a few weeks Tezz agreed to a two year contract with Edward's company, "Huntsvegas Productions." Tezz had a new single on the radio "Take You Home" and was currently working on his solo album set to debut in 2009. The album


"Good Girl" currently getting local radio play. I'm currently working on my first LP

Set List

"Take You Home"
"Just yours pt. 2"
"AH Ah Ah"
"Good Girl"
My sets are normally 5-20 minutes depending on the venue