Young The MC/ St. Marks

Young The MC/ St. Marks

BandHip HopR&B

HipHop music with a catchy and a pucnhy sound, with lyrics from the soul, and catchy hooks.


Born Marcus Mitchell in Brooklyn NY in the late 80s. Marcus learned how to rhyme from his older cousin at the age of eight.He then started a rap group called Rhyme Tyme with kids from school in the neighborhood. After the break up of the group in 2001 St. Marks lost the thrill of rapping, and during his teenage years notcied everybody was rapping, really dishearted him.Fast forward 8 years down he graduated from IARs 9 month program and audio production to be a more of behind the scene guy. With St. Marks working at a locate studio in Brooklyn and street teaming for Badboy Records found it in him to make one mixtape/Album and hang up the mic on the stand forever.

Set List

Dope Boi
The Calling
Fresh"off the Step"