Young Thugz

Young Thugz

BandHip Hop

The young generation just love us and our music. We give them something they can relate to. We make music for the whole world and our goal is to be heard.


Once again this music is a mixture of unique patterns and sounds that stands out infront of the rest. Our music is develope from a wide selection of instruments. We create the type of music that the young generation can relate to. We want the young generation to understand the meaning behind our music. The intent is for them to hear today's society in our music and make a change. On every show we will always carry out this message.


We have just recently released our first album titled: Thuggn Iz How We Play It. The plan is to promote this album and to seek radio airplay.

Set List

We will always start with our intro and message. The remaining of the show will go as follows: Song 1. Cold Blooded Killa, 2. Six, 3. Handle That, 4. Tear it Down, 5. Clap That Thang, 6. Strait Gansta
>Our show is usually 45min<