Young Worship

Young Worship


There is nothing like youngmen working for Christ through music. God has given Youngworship the annointing thats going draw souls to him. Youngworship has answered the call!


Youngworship is a contemporary christian group of 4 young men ages 20-25. The group was put together by First Family Production producers Shawn D. and James Shaw of Newark NJ. Youngworship is Dawan Turner, Charles Richardson, Timothy Ruiz, and Shawn D. Shaw. Our style reminds alot of people of Comissioned, Men of Standard, and J. Moss. We bring the lyrics in our music that will minister to hearts and soul of all that hear what Christ has given us in our songs.


Youngworship has just released there debut CD titled " The Answer". Songs Praise Him, He'll Be There, and Youngworship Anthem are currently being played on radio.

Set List

Youngworship's set can vary depending on the promotions requirement of us. We are well prepaired for 5-45 minutes of song ministry. Our standard song top five are 1. Youngworship Anthem 2. The Answer 3. Live for you 4. He'll be there 5. Praise Him. Our entire CD is capable of going over tremendously at all venues.