Young X & DsC

Young X & DsC

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Wide range of styles and sounds, This makes Young X a hard type of artist to come by. His up coming Mixtape Back 2 Plan X is a fresh start!


With a catchy voice and wide range of music styles, Young X is bound to be the face of Portland Oregon and carry this new age sound of hip hop. After being looked over on the Portland music scene for years, now at the age of 21 Young X is now taking the town by storm. With his great use of words that demonstrate his everyday hipster style and attitude. Young X is knocking right at the music industry door. Making music that is compared to artist such as Big Sean, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, U-N-I and the Cool kids. His music almost sounds out of place with the older street style hip hop artist in his home town. Young X has now planted his foot as an up and coming artist from the northwest area. With catchy hooks and a Smooth one of a kind flow, He now is one of the most booked artists on the Oregon gig scene. Now by building a strong camp of artist, Djs, krump dancers and a producer by the name of DOMO Beatz. They perform and host shows plus parties by the company name of Dope Swagg Entertainment. This young group of talent lead by Young X will soon be the face of Portland Oregon. With his everyday saying “I’m great at what I do and soon the world we see it.” Young X is one of the only artists with the complete package of street smarts and music skill. He targets to be a big success in the music world for years to come.

Big Names I have opened for:

Warren G



The Cool Kids

Dirty South “B.E.T Comic”




PRINCE OF THE 503 (mixtape)
-prince of the 503
- Fly gangster ( got radio play in portland oregon)
-cruzin (portland radio play)
Donkey ropes and boom box mixtape
- 90'Z back
- Cruzin aka boomin system

- Bad Crowd (radio airplay)

Back 2 Plan X - Mixtape
- Apr.2nd 2011

Set List

1.intro and fan response
2. a good 15 to 45 min set (4-12songs) whatever the venue wants

3.outro and thanks to the fans.

set could go anywhere from 10mins - 45mins whatever the venue needs also i have edited tracks for younger crowds