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In November Younolovebunny will be releasing a single/ EP at the Paris based label Almost Musique ( Younolovebunny will be releasing a full length record spring 2013 on vinyl.

Too many ... records. .. songs .. Couple of titles to pick.

The most popular records :

2003 Die for the sake of the children
2004 Use Your Magic Before You Die (Subnormal recording on 8 track tape)
2005 I am scared by Commercials
2005 PARROTEYES (Subnormal recording on 24 track reel to reel feat. Dr. Love on drums) (BSBTA -
2006 200 songs i sing 200 songs i sung aka. ---- 200 ----(BSBTA)
2006 Brillian
2006 Hi Ocean/ Hi Sky
2006 Mountain Soul
2007 Melvinia vol . 1-3
2008 Albummet der ændrede verden / The album that changed the world (recorded in Salzburg) (BSBTA)
2009 Before the greatest album of all times
2009 Humans dont fit anywhere CD single
2009 Portland the capital of the world land ( Recorded in Portland Oregon)
2010 Escape from Castle Wolfenstein
2010 My English Collection
2011. - Emily Bonus -

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( Written by the people at Fat Cat records - - )

Younolovebunny hail from Sønderjyllands (Southern Denmark) .... a real treat, a blend of detuned riffs (reminiscent of Pavement's clangy-er moments), melodies cut from the same cloth as The Breeders and Nirvana, and an overarching evocation of independent music's energy and spirit.

Frøhlich's Yonolovebunny project began in 2002, and the subsequent years saw; at least one release a year; concerts all over Denmark (and one in Portland, USA); a 200-song CDR release; and reports of concerts involving "wigs, horns, fireworks, wind, strings of lights in all colors, balloons, blood, screams and lemon cakes...and sales of homemade postcards". In Claus' own words, writing songs is "like eating! (Or just as important!)"

Very much inspired by: the Breeders, Ween, Scout Niblett, Elliott Smith, Josephine Foster, The Vaselines, Daniel Johnston- songs of pain, Buzzcocks, Wormhole - scandinavian ...: Gangway, Botnledja and many more ! !

Use your magic before you die .. .like Vladimir Putin ...or