Your 33 Black Angels

Your 33 Black Angels

 New York City, New York, USA

Your 33 Black Angels is the sound of a dark carnival with heavy rock and roll roots; it oozes out of your eardrums and when it hits the floor quickly sprouts into the greenest, tallest old tree providing colorful shade for you to disappear into.


Best known for raucous late-night shows at venues all over the US with as many as 4 guitars, two drummers, keyboards and a rotating cast of guest musicians. Your 33 Black Angels has been together since 2005.

Rolling Stone's David Fricke discovered their debut LP in 2007, and championed the band, calling them "one of this year’s treasures," and praising "singer Josh Westfal’s resemblance, in dry, frank voice and cautious optimism, to another local institution: Lou Reed on the Velvet Underground’s fourth album, Loaded."

Since then the band has released 4 more records, toured the US many times and have brought their live show across national borders to Canada, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and more. People have compared Y33BA to bands like The Velvet Underground and the Flaming Lips, but the bands elastic sound - incorporating elements of psych, drone, folk, new wave, country, and R&B - is hard to pin down. The latest two records, which still include vinyl copies with hand-screened covers and is self-distributed, are being supported by

Their massive lineup consists of mainstays JW (guitar, vocals), Dan Rosato (guitar, vocals), Adam Gerard (guitar, vocals), Stevie Sunshine (bass guitar), John O'Callaghan (drums), Benji Kast (mouth harp, guitar, words), Jon Reeve (keys, squeezebox), Grant Wanderson (drums) and countless others both known and undiscovered.


"Lonely Street" Mar. 2007, 12" vinyl and CD, digital

"Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life" Oct. 2008, 12" two-disc vinyl and CD, digital,

"Pagan Princess" Dec. 2009, 12" vinyl, CD, digital

"Songs from the Near Bleak Future" Dec. 2010, 12" vinyl, CD, digital

"Moon and Morning Star" Mar. 2012, 12" vinyl, digital

Set List

Y33BA has 100's of original songs (over 70 recorded and released) and has played 100's of live shows, never the same set twice.

Up to four guitars, bass, two drumsets, four vocals, harmonica, keyboard/synth/keytar.