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"50 States in 14 Weeks: Texas"

"You’re Done For – Starting a pop punk band in a city where rock and metal rule the music scene might not seem like the best idea, but that’s what the members You’re Done For did. Their plan seems to be working: the band completed a Southwest tour in 2009, picking up new fans along the way. Check out “Everybody is Listening” from their EP Shhh…Everyboy’s Listening. If you like what you hear, let them know! Your basement could be the next stop on their House Party Tour." - The Our Stage Blog: My fan club stage





Music: Words, Heart, Emotions, Personality, Attitude, Experience and most important… life.

Band: United as one, tight family bond, arguments, agreements, good times, hard times and most important… ONE GOAL!

When you define this group of young men in the band "You're Done For!" you get what drives a band to greatness. The endless nights in a studio, the bad experiences in life, the good times that bring smiles, and unity to reach one determined goal. Each member has a story to tell. Those stories are told when each song is written, each chord is strummed and each song is sung in front of an audience.

In the year of 2008 everything started to take form. Adan, Bryan, Greg, John and Vincent have all come a long way from what was just a 3 man group in 2007. After recording their first demo CD the band decided to take charge of their future and embrace what was to come. All members except Greg are from San Antonio. Greg made his way to San Antonio through a local University. Nonetheless, all were brought with one purpose in mind. That purpose was to form a pop punk band in a city where Rock-n-roll and Heavy metal drive the music scene. This city needs a change and You're Done For! is going to give it to them

Coming into in the year of 2009 the band has a promised future ahead of them. The band brings only experience from the previous years. Playing over 60 shows with numerous recorded artists and with the release of their 1st major EP, the band will have a lot look to forward too.

Be sure to stick around and watch this group. They will be around for a long time. Their new major EP entitled “Shhh…Everybody’s Listening” will get your attention and put a smile on your face. What’s to come is only what is meant to be and that is a big future with lot’s of FUN!