Your Enemy Closer is a 5 peice Metal band out of Toronto. The music is a blend of ALOT of different Elements creating a "Prog./Nu Metal" sort of Sound.. Alot of Groove Metal parts that grow into Extremely Heavy ASS Areas........


Yourenemycloser is a band that is influenced by many styles of music ranging from the heaviest of metal to jazz and progressive styles. Each member brings their own unique part to the band which all fits together and works to create the sound that is YourEnemyCloser.
Yourenemycloser is a band that you'll remember when you've seen a live show...with a stage presence that really connects with the audience and gives them a chance to release the inner demon and a groove that stays in your head and keeps them moving untill the end.
The band was originally named Dropnote, but with a maturing sound and the enterance of a new member Yourenemycloser became the new name for the band and is the new beggining for the already locally established metal band. With many shows and events played the band is ready to take things to the next level!!!!


Broken Verses

Written By: Jordan Baglio

Everybodys fucked
Everybodys scarred
hit the ground hit the bottle hard
head to the ashphalt
i dont care i dont care

what has become of me
losing my sanity
all that was clear is dark
all that i fear is gone
all that i fear is gone

Should I stand up
watch it grow
or should I smother it below
and try to end this tragedy

Should I stand up
watch it grow hit it hard feel the low
and figure out what it means to me

To me

Let me lead the way
Down (repeat)

We all go
Down (repeat)

Watch us go

I try to pull myself out
But only fall harder
the demons within
getting stronger and stronger

Theres no one home up there
Turn your back on the day
Destruction only way
Left with faded memories
of a time when things were better of a time when souls were not for sale
Cant help the things that matter
my heart left bitter broken and pale

My heart
my heart
my heart
my heart

ohhhhh Inside
ohhhhh My mind

Further From Reality

Written By: Jordan Baglio

you are not any better than me
though you may claim to be
you spit on those who are free
with your selfish insanities
I might not always be right but
i will never be wrong like you
you are stuck blinded and shut
you are tied twisted and screwed

They may not see
it takes more than this
for them to hurt
for them to believe

So now look time has gotten stale
its to late for you
you've sung songs for far to long
its time we sing something true

You thank God that you have faith
but I have no faith in you
Your looking looking for light
yet your fire has long withdrew
Your fucked up philosophies make me sick
Its time we got togethor and fixed this shit

Its time we tried
to stop all the lies
its all coming back
to you in the

End you fuckuing hate me
ohhhhh I fucking hate you
To you fucking hate me

And we are not so far
from were you lay
Are souls are scarred
but we dont pray were you pray

Any one listen wont you listen wont you listen to me (repeat)
Ive got something to say ive got something on my mind (repeat)

Get closer to the edge
get further get further
from reality
Get closer to the edge
get further get further
from real life


The self titled ep was released on January 5th 2007
Some songs are in the process of getting radio airplay

Set List

A typical set consists of 6-8 songs depending on venue and time slot. Some covers are being looked at to play but the sets have been all original so far.