Your Favorite Book

Your Favorite Book


Songs about seas boiling, skies falling and getting the hell out of wherever you are. Comparisons we've gotten include The Mountain Goats, They Might Be Giants, The Magnetic Fields, etc.


We write and perform literate, lyrically driven pop songs on acoustic guitar and keyboard. Take some of The Mountain Goats' narrative writing, a bit of They Might Be Giants' whimsy, some of the Mates of State's melodic sensibilities, and there you are. You've got Giant Mountain Mates. Or Your Favorite Book.


"You Are a Big Failure at Telling Jokes" -- full-length, 2002
"Run, kitty, run!" -- full-length, 2003
"Lace Up Your Fancy Chuck Taylor All Stars" -- full-length, 2004
"Scotch Hog" (tentative title) -- full-length, TBA 2006

The songs "Salt Water Blurs" (off "Run, kitty, run!") and "A Belt Right Smack in the Mouth" (off "Lace Up") both have gotten repeated airplay on KEXP, 90.1 FM.

Set List

Our typical set is about an hour, which is roughly 15 songs, and includes a cover or two (we've covered Squeeze, Jawbreaker, Husker Du, The Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.).

We've played sets as short as half an hour and as long as 90 minutes.