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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Three Imaginary Girls show/record review"

On a show:
"If in a few months/years, Pitchfork finally picks up a modestly packaged YFB CD on a whim and discovers its intricacies and spews online about it, we’ll be sharing space at the next YFB shows with folks who will listen to us compare this 2007 coffee house show to that 1996 Neutral Milk Hotel show."

On "Scotch Hog" (8/10):
"YFB’s understated acumen charms listeners with simplicity and authenticity." -

"IndiePages review"

On "Scotch Hog" (9/10):
"Any diehard Mountain Goats fans would do well to check this out!" -


**Scotch Hog (2007) [airplay on KEXP, KDVS, KALX, KZSU; named one of the top albums of 2007 by]
**Lace Up Your Fancy Chuck Taylor All Stars (2004) [airplay on KEXP]
**Five Songs for Five Rooms (EP) (2004)
**Run, kitty, run! (2003) [airplay on KEXP]
**You Are a Big Failure at Telling Jokes (2002)



There's little to say that hasn't been said already. There was a beginning, during which acquaintances were made, lessons were learned, songs were written, many things went wrong, a few things went right, rivalries were formed and grudges were borne. This time is hazy and more than likely not at all worth recollecting, though the guilty parties know what they did oh yes they do.

Then there was the middle, during which band membership increased, shows were played, skills were honed, better songs were written, rivalries were further inflamed and a coup was plotted. It was a time of laughter and copious gin. The good kind, only ever the good kind.

The end came, as it so often does, unexpectedly, like a hand grenade flung into a henhouse, only without the chicken bits everywhere. The coup was executed and Sven was booted, bringing on a period of solitude and reflection. As usual, this period did not last long. Sven was soon replaced by the younger, deeper-voiced Bjørn.

Things began as they so often do, with acquaintances being made, lessons being learned, etc.