Your Favorite Brunettes

Your Favorite Brunettes


We're an acoustic guitar/piano duo with mad awesome harmonies and subtly poignant lyrics. We're not the Indigo Girls nor are we merely a gimmick; the music speaks for itself :)


We met in our high school guitar class, in which, ironically, neither of us learned anything about guitar, but we didn't start making music until 2 years later. Now, Em comes up with beautiful melodies in her sleep while Am scribbles away at lyrics to match, though that's not to say our parts aren't interchangeable.
Our main [collective] influences are Jamie Cullum, The Shins, Michael Buble, John Mayer, Mason Jennings, Regina Spektor, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, the Wreckers, Andrew Bird, etc...
We have at least 20-30 unfinished songs, and numerous bits and pieces that have yet to become anything worthwhile. If we're not completely happy or excited about a song, then it's not worth singing.

Harmonies are our "story."


Hahahahaha, singles.

I suppose "I'll Stay" and "Forever" are the closest things we have to singles...

Set List

Our typical set list can be anywhere from 4 to 12 songs. Original ones that we play live are Forever, Heart of Stone, Envy, Before the Winter, I'll Stay, Don't Know How, Home, Run Run, The Reply, Here I Am, & Save Yourself.
We're working on a bunch of new covers, but right now we can usually play Crazy (Gnarles Barkley), Black Horse & the Cherry Tree, Moondace, You've Really Got a Hold on Me, Hey Jude, If It Kills Me (Jason Mraz), Dream a Little Dream, This Love, The Sun (Maroon 5), and a few others...