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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | SELF

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | SELF
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"Your Favorite Coastline: “This Nightmare Called Love” EP"

Virginia band, Your Favorite Coastline, just released their freshman EP titled ‘This Nightmare Called Love’. The band says that “‘This Nightmare Called Love’ was a record that literally took every ounce of each of us to make.” Produced by Brandon Ham (Set It Off, Divided By Friday, Sent By Ravens) at Red Sparrow Studios in Wilson, NC, the record is one that anyone can find at least one track to relate to. “The songs on the album are more than just another desperate attempt at fame by another group of desperate guys. Each and every line of every song is a story.” We suggest everyone goes and gives this EP a listen, especially if you’re a fan of Mayday Parade or The Summer Set. The entire EP is streaming on the band’s facebook page and you can purchase the EP on iTunes here.

Also be sure to check out Your Favorite Coastline on Facebook and Twitter for updates on tour and more! - Behind the Music Media

""Tell All Your Friends"- A Show With The Eleventh Hour, Your Favorite Coastline, Pilot!, and Secret Mark"

The other headlining act was Your Favorite Coastline, a band that truly evokes the sound of the bands I loved in high school, like Fall Out Boy and Boys Like Girls. Despite my older age now, I still fell in love with their unique songwriting. Singer/guitarist Nate Weiss and guitarist Thomas Glantz were the only two band members to play the acoustic show, but it was an excellent chance to see a band that suddenly lost a musician (their bassist got strep throat earlier in the tour) try their best to continue the show. Plus, when it comes to a band like Your Favorite Coastline, the lyrics are of the utmost importance. Without those lyrics, the songs would be so much less relatable. Weiss is a great songwriter. He's only eighteen, but he writes songs that provide for a contrast of happiness and sadness. "Actress", an original song played by both Glantz and Weiss, sounded absolutely beautiful when played acoustically. It was like watching an episode of MTV Unplugged with Your Favorite Coastline: interesting interpretations of their favorite songs. To celebrate Taking Back Sunday's tenth anniversary, Weiss played a solo cover of Taking Back Sunday, which brought a large amount of applause from the audience. Almost every band at this show expressed an immense amount of respect for Taking Back Sunday. The songs they played struck me as the perfect radio hits for alternative pop: one of the last songs they played was reminiscent of "Hey There Delilah" and it struck me how perfect that song was for teenagers. Weiss told me after the show that most of their new material came out of a bad break-up and a friendship ending: in short, Weiss said he got "massively fucked over." With this style, they are most definitely targeting the younger fans of the audience, but Weiss also admitted that he wanted to draw the attention of people like me, who loved this music in high school. "I loved Fall Out Boy when my older sister was in high school and they were popular. I didn't listen to that Chris Brown bullshit." Right now, Your Favorite Coastline is working on their first full-length record, This Nightmare Called Love, which sounds like a brilliant title for a record of this genre. We at Roll Over Beethoven will make sure that all Your Favorite Coastline fans will get the latest updates on this record as it comes out. - Roll Over Beethoven

"Your Favorite Coastline, "This Nightmare Called Love""


Virginia natives Your Favorite Coastline have released their debut EP, This Nightmare Called Love. The five-song EP is now available on iTunes.


Last year, I fell in love with a band called An Ocean Between, and was heartbroken when they announced their breakup (Heart. Broken.). Fortunately, the band members continue to be musically involved (May Lacey Murphy never stop singing. Amen). One of the spawning projects is now Your Favorite Coastline, featuring guitarist Thomas Glantz (of An Ocean Between), lead vocalist and guitarist Nate Weis, Brian Zawacki on bass and vocals, and Zach Church on drums.

The album title comes from the lyrics of the first track, “We’ll Sing You To Sleep,” which was originally released last November. The heart-wrenching song is the perfect introduction to the chill band. The mature lyrics are well beyond the boys’ years and the pop-punk instrumentals add a fun foil to the emotional vocals.

“Actress” has the repetitive guitar chords that are guaranteed to get stuck in the listener’s ears. It makes the chorus is ridiculously catchy, but upon closer listen, you see how well-written the song is:

She’s got a little heart and a brand new car,

Big dreams and daddy’s credit card.

She get’s what she wants, she’s spoiled rotten.

She broke my heart, not to mention my wallet.

Act one was a hit,

but by curtain call she’ll be running for the exit.

We could have been much more,

But we left before the encore

You’ve got a lot to learn,

You’ve got a lot of nerve.

She’s an actress without a stage.

A romance novel, stuck on the first page.

She gets what she wants, no matter what.

She’s not the girl for me at the end of the day

The song leads into the highly pop-punk track, “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” Comparable to Bowling For Soup, Par 6, and All Time Low, the song is a high-energy love story that cutely describes teen love (“We’ll never be this young again, so love me like it’s the trend”). The boys not only tell a great story lyrically, but instrumentally, the band simulates erratic heartbeats and the fast-paced pulse you get when you’re with the one you love.

YFC recruits Rookie of The Year’s Ryan Dunson for their song, “Happy Anniversary.” The predominantly acoustic song once again highlights the band’s ability to not only tell a story, but tell it well:

Found at the scene of the crime with blood on the bed,

The murder weapon found beating behind her chest.

You’ve made a mess, you’ve made a mess.

I want my heart back, but nothing’s left.

Finally, is a personal favorite, “This Song Is All You’ll Ever Have. (We Go Down Alone).” Everything in the song works together to make a pop-punk masterpiece: from Weis’s angst-y vocals and guitar, Glantz’s high-energy guitar-playing, Zawacki’s consistent bass-playing and Church’s insane drumming. It’s the best song to end with, as it leaves an impression on the listener, plus it rounds out the band’s skills as musicians.

This Nightmare Called Love is one of the coolest EPs to come out this year, and it’s made cooler just realizing that this is just their debut EP. Make sure to pick up the album on iTunes!
- Truth or Sarah


This Nightmare Called Love (EP) April 2012
*Singles: Happy Anniversary, This Song Is All You'll Ever Have (We Go Down Alone)

"This Song Is All..." has been released on several compilations and both singles have received both college and commercial radio-play.



Your Favorite Coastline was formed in late 2011 when four eighteen year old friends from two popular Virginia bands found their previous music endeavors coming to an end. Fans of the bands were happy to hear the merger between vocalist and guitarist Nate Weis, vocalist and bassist Brian Zawacki, lead guitarist Thomas Glantz, and drummer Zachary Church.

"We all hit it off musically in a way that can only be described as fate and wrote a collection of songs that would become our first EP, "This Nightmare Called Love". We truly consider ourselves a family and never tire of spending time together which helps bridge the distance between Gloucester and Virginia Beach. We are passionate about constantly improving and providing the best show for our amazing fans as well as maintaing a strong personal connection with them."

After only 2 months as a band, Your Favorite Coastline entered the studio with Brandon Ham, guitarist of Mercy Mercedes and owner of Red Sparrow Studios (Set It Off, Divided By Friday, Sent By Ravens, etc). The band traveled to North Carolina and worked tirelessly around the clock for nearly over a month surviving off of easy mac and ramen noodles. They began touring up and down the east coast while awaiting the completion of the EP. Your Favorite Coastline released "This Nightmare Called Love" in April of 2012 and essentially sold out the CD pre-release show. The leading song off of the album broke one thousand plays in less than a month. The same song, "This Song Is All You'll Ever Have" was subsequently played on several radio stations including 96x and fearless radio.

"We make music not for the glory or fame but because we are passionate about the art of it and the connection we make with people through it. We hope to share our art and passion with the world. When we aren't falling asleep in vans and waking up in different states we want to be in the studio recording new songs."

The band continued to tour rigorously in support of the EP, meeting new fans at every stop, performing at Six Flags Amusement Park and performing alongside the national touring acts. The band then entered the studio with Matt Malpass (Relient K, Train, Hey Monday, The Ready Set, Rookie of the Year, etc) to record a new single in August and will be returning in September to record more tracks for a future release. More touring is being planned for the Winter and 2013.

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