Your Final Thought

Your Final Thought


Merging sounds of hard-rock, punk, and metal, YFT have stumbled upon musical perfection. A blending of genres that are both pleasant & catchy, and yet still slamming enough to rock out the heaviest of head-bangers.


Distinctive vocals, face-melting guitar, a crushing wall of low-end, and innovative but pounding drums all add up to a sound both unique and intense.

Raised on a steady diet of 90’s rock acts, such as Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, & Offspring, Jay Boccacci has a penchant for hard-hitting, rhythmically catchy progressions that are both driving & memorable, and a voice as distinct as it is melodic. Jay splits song-writing with the rest of the band, but takes primary responsibility for the lyrics.

Influenced by rock & metals greatest legends, Brian Gresh brings the sounds & styles of such guitar gods as Paul Gilbert & Yngwie Malmsteen, with the anthematic feel of 80’s rocks acts like Van Halen, & Scorpions. This leads to a voice all his own. Known for his ability to simultaneously blend blazing fast fret-work with ingenious riffs, Brian is a force to be reckoned with. He shares responsibility for song-writing, and provides the majority of the backing vocals & harmonies.

Even as a young child, Justin Thompson had an eclectic collection of musical tastes: from Kraftwerk to Stabbing Westward; Def Leppard to Muse; Depeche mode to Avenged Sevenfold. A long-time fan of the previous bands the other members were in, he anxiously awaited the day he too could create music. That day arrived only 6 months before YFT would play their first show. Displaying an almost unnatural pre-disposition to the instrument, Justin has quickly made up for the lack of experience with a rare sense of dedication & professionalism.

Born into a family with little to no musical background, Landon Morris has proven to be a natural performer. Assimilating a combination of speed & originality with power & control, his rhythms’ are all together complex & tasteful. Idolizing drummers from years past (such as John Bonham & Stewart Copeland) and current (blink182 & Atreyu). His familiarity with his instrument is rarely challenged, and his energy is unparalleled.


Full-Length Debut Album: Coming in Summer 2008

Set List

Burn Burn
Can't Deceive
Take a Chance
Say Goodbye
I'll be There for You
Stand for ourselves

We can play an hour long set of original material.