Your Girlfriend

Your Girlfriend


Your Girlfriend is the hottest chick in town. She likes long walks on the beach, cheesy romantic movies, and Smartfood popcorn. When she gets on stage, she's already got make-up streaming down her face and her skirt hanging off her waist. She's Your Girlfriend and she's got what you need, betch.


A general genre application could be bubblegum, pop, surf, and punk- however, the most accurate description is probably good sex. A wild, entertaining show that leaves you sweaty and wanting more until the next time she comes around. Our quest is to bring back the pogo- both with the crowd and your impotent boyfriend.


Currently working on the 'Sucks' EP, being released on tape in May on Blacklight Gypsy.

Set List

Ripped Off Love Song For The Masses
Surf Psycho
Hot Chick
Sluts 4 Lyfe
Carnival (Bikini Kill Cover)
Clean Jeans
All My Friends Can't Dance
No School