Your Kisses Cause Crashes
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Your Kisses Cause Crashes

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"KTRU Playlist" - KTRU

"This Austinites-only holiday variety pack",30462/ - The Onion

"Indie, Electro-Pop"

Local electrop-pop kissing bandits put on an electrifying opening set.


"Emo's Headliner Your Kisses Cause Crashes"

SXSW alums Living Better Electrically create pop music that falls somewhere in between 60's Brit-psychedelia and 70's glam. They are teamed up at Emo's this Saturday with '80s Britrock re-creators Rescue Mission, experimental indie newcomers Your Kisses Cause Crashes, and one of Arizona’s most accomplished new bands, Mostly Bears.
- Austinist


YKCC exutes a melodic wall of sound and harmonies adding a backbone of percussion that is catchy to the ear when taken in live. Pianos and synthesizers carry a song while the bass and guitar carry the weight of the reverb vocals behind the music. Electronic if you will with some sass for the masses.

- Planeta en Ritmo

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GENRE: Rock/Pop
"Home is where I can't stand to be" portrays YKCC's influences from late 70's to early 80's post
modern analog indie umbrellum, we still call captivating. -
YKCC was originally an experimental duo in 2003 consisting of Michelle Jones and Andy Kaminski.
The two spent that summer writing various recordings of low-fi songs on 4 tracks. A sudden
relocation of the two left the progress in a plateau for five years. April 2008 the two paired back up
to rewrite the old arrangements and pursue their creations as a serious act. YKCC eventually
evolved into a complete band with the addition of Richard Carta on drums.The three piece add an
atmosphere of powerful melodic installations comparable to Sparklehorse, Grandaddy, and Built to
Spill. In a short amount of time the group has headined many shows w/(Mostley Bears-Tuscon,Az
and The Western Civiliztion-Houston,Tx) radiating this movement with its LIVE harmonious
measure of layered keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, and vigorous percussion.

ROUND 3 : AUG 29 - SEPT 12
Voting Re-Opeo5 for th~ Top 20
ThE- nm:lle Event for the Top 5
71. Gazelles

72. stephaniesld

73. 3 Dollar Crunch

74. All Hail

75. Chris Van Loan

76. They Were Stars

77. Your Kisses Cause Crashes

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Released 2/14/2009 "Deer in Headlights, the debut EP, featuring five songs that form the heart of the band's live set, was recorded and mixed in a series of furious 8-hour sessions. The result was a sparkling and roaring account of YKCC's vision and collective state of mind. From the haunting shape-shifter "These Things" to the anthemic trip-pop "You Suffer Egos" to the sublime "Home is Where I Can't Stand to Be," the record loudly announced the band's current prowess and boldly promised greater things to come. It debuted at 20 on Waterloo Records' Top 50 chart for the week ended February 14, 2009.



Hailing from Austin, Texas, YKCC is credited with bringing intelligence, melodic grace, and emotional depth to a rock scene more often marked by macho posturing and overpowering volume.
The quartet rose to prominence in 2008 with revised sound by adding Michael Tucker (making them a four piece), which launched the band to great popularity in Austin. While not as well-known because they basically formed in September 2008 have garnered overwhelming critical plaudits in the Austin local scene and respect from several musicians for songs that lament the dream-like spacey pace of modern life and humanity's attendant loss of attention, while they champion the consoling and healing powers of indie pop-rock.
YKCC’s creative mainstay Michelle Jones and Andy Kaminski formed the band with drummer Richard Carta in April of 2008. Although, they were known for awhile as a trio, they worked in new types until they felt they had a fit. This is when in September Michael Tucker joined the band permanently to play bass. The group developed their music in the well-known clubs of Austin, where too much of artistic worth saturates.
YKCC ‘s 2009 recording debut, Deer in Headlights, is a five-track EP whose title effectively sums up the effect therein. The pervasive synth lo-fi slacker-rock approach resembles that of another popular cult band from Modesto: Grandaddy. On Deer in Headlights, YKCC established their penchant for combining electric guitars with an array of distinctive, cheap keyboards on many tracks, but the disc also boasts some of the group's hardest-rocking songs--"Your Suffer Egos" and "These Things"--which recall such college-rock favorites as Built to Spill and Sonic Youth. In general, though, Deer in Headlights is an embryonic work that offers only faint hints of YKCC’s potential.
Since the release, the new EP has topped the charts locally first week finishing #20 of the top 50 charts. And #8 out of 10 for a featured spot in the Austin Chronicle.

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