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Your Last Drive

Lancaster, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Lancaster, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"(U&C) Band Bio/Interview: Your Last Drive"

Your Last Drive are an unsigned band who are based in Lancaster, and they are currently into their second year as a band. After extensive touring (with bands such as Elias Last Day, Sharks and Make Me King) and multiple line-up changes, Your Last Drive began to work hard and they have just released their debut EP entitled ‘Simple Solutions Made Complex’ which can be found here. We wanted to find out a little more about them, and this is what they had to tell us..

Who are you?

We are Your Last Drive and our line-up consists of Luke Tyson (vocals), Callum West (lead guitar/backing vocals), Paul Ward (bass/backing vocals), Joey Brayshaw (drums) and the new addition Nathan Jagger (rhythm guitar).

Tell us a little bit about how you formed.

As part of the same music scene, we all got to know each other through our early bands. When starting Your Last Drive we knew all the right people to ensure we had a tight line-up from the start.

What genre(s) influence you? Which bands give you the most inspiration?

As much as the whole ‘emo’ thing is looked down up on, we are all proud to say that as a genre, the emo style has had a massive influence on our music. Bands like Hawthorne Heights, Halifax and Taking Back Sunday have their place in our most idolized bands. Although on the other hand we take a lot of what we love from the post-hardcore giants such as Alexisonfire and Enter Shikari.

What’s happening in the next 12 months for Your Last Drive?

We have just finished our debut EP, so our immediate plans are to continue writing and get Nathan up to scratch with all our material. In the coming months we have a lot of exciting gigs including 3 dates on the Tyler Mae (who were recently seen supporting Enter Shikari) tour in Blackpool, Lancaster and Kendal. By this time next year we are aiming to have a full length album released with at least 8 brand new tracks.

Where do you see the band in 5 years time?

It’s an ambitious thought but we see ourselves touring the UK and beyond, playing the biggest festivals doing what we love most; performing. To be honest, as long as we are still bringing out new material and playing on a regular basis it doesn’t matter too much to us how ‘big’ we are.

What makes you different from the rest of the bands out there?

We like to think we have a unique sound which in our opinion is something to be proud of in the current music scene. There’s too much of the same thing going around, and yeah, it may be what’s popular but a lot of these genres are completely saturated. We would rather be unique than gain easy popularity.

Your Last Drive have a good amount of gigs out of their hometown coming up this year so keep a look out for them appearing on your local music scene! - Alternative Reviews


Simple Solutions Made Complex EP
- Decoys
- Drowning Fairies
- Never Let Me Down
- It's Blood, Sugar!
- From the Catacombs (A Trapped Soul)

On Everyone's Lips (2011 release)
- What You've Been Waiting For
- Shallow Graves For Shallow Men
- It's Blood, Sugar!
- Never Let Me Down
- The same thing we do every night, Joey; Try to take over the world
- Maybe We Should Go Indie
- Goodbye For Now



We are Your Last Drive and we consist of Luke, Callum, Paul, Joey and the new addition Nathan. We're based in Lancaster, Lancashire. We have been active for roughly 6 months and are quickly progressing and spreading from our home town, with fans in many areas of the country and a few outside of it.

It's definitely safe to say that our music is from the heart. We don't make what people want to hear, we make what we like as music, in our opinion, should be. We take a lot of influence from both Hardcore/Post-Hardcore bands such as Alexisonfire, We Are The Ocean and Yashin as well as bands from the original emo scene like Halifax and Hawthorne Heights.

We are an extremely hard working band and are always pushing ourselves to breaking point in terms of blowing away the crowd at live performances and securing new opportunities for ourselves as a band. At the rate we are progressing you should look out for us hitting a music scene near you very soon, we have a lot of exciting opportunities in the pipeline and can't wait to get out there this year!