YourLips YourLips

YourLips YourLips

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Modern new wave electro pop dance friendly ... Depeche mode reminiscent in a current setting. French born lead singer Laurent Sanchiz is a powerful frontman, charasmatic and engaging.YourLips YourLips' shows are inspired and bring an organic approach to dance oriented synth. music.


YourLips YourLips is the first solo effort from artist "YL" (Laurent ). YL originally from France started his music career as a drummer shortly after visiting Laguna Beach California in the mid 90's where he met and became friends with drummer Dean Butterworth (Good Charlotte ). Tutored by Butterworth,YL ended up playing for various bands in LA which led him to join the fame goth band " Gene Loves Jezebel " ( 99- 2006 ).

After many years of touring YL decided to step down from playing drums and try his talent at writing. Early 2008 An Ep was born "Natural Selection" out of his LA studio with the collaboration of Ron devon Gottstein and a band was put together to perform live shows around town.

"Dark Disco" the single was performed on the Late Late night with Craig Ferguson in the spring of 08 but the band would soon after be dismantled by YL who was yet to find the right recipe for his vision. After a year long hiatus and more writing the new Ep "Take Control" which includes 6 tracks entirely written, recorded and produced by YL during the year 2009 would set up the new and improved version of YourLips YourLips. This time YL would call upon once again for bass player Chris Gonyaw, Steve Striegel on drums and adding Jeff Burgee on guitar to back him up Live.

"Take Control" released early 2010 online, is a more polished version than the early effort with powerful and melodic songs that will creep up in your head and make you move. From "Never Again" a dark stylish rock track to "Text" a pop bouncy hit with the sign of the time.

Led by YL's deep voice and charismatic personality the band is a modern take on 80's music with energy and rhythm. Watch them as they performed Never Again on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to kick off their new EP " Take Control"...


EP "Natural Selection" 2008..."Dark Disco" Single aired on CBS Late Late night. The EP was also played as the most requested new artist for 2 weeks on Pixel FM in France.
EP " Take Control" 2010....."Never Again" performed on Craig Ferguson.
"Master Plan" aired on NBC News Raw with Mekahlo Medina including a live interview for up and coming artists in Southern California.