Your New Friends

Your New Friends

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandHip HopFunk

Are you a club owner or promoter who likes a packed room full of guaranteed returned customers? YNF and their post hip-hop, rock, and funk sounds have filled countless sold out rooms with undeniably catchy and provocative sounds. This is not a show. It is an EXPERIENCE you will not forget.


From all over North America, hip-hop funk collective Your New Friends has been tearing up Toronto music venues since their serendipitous 2007 inception. “I have to say this, do yourself a favour, and get to one of their shows. You're not going to be disappointed. They'll get yer ass moving!” (John Madden professional photographer and popular Toronto music blogger.)
Over the past three years they have frequented such popular venues as the Horseshoe Tavern, the Cameron House, the Silver Dollar Room, C'est What and Lee's Palace, gaining valuable playing experience that comes through in their eccentric ability to keep a crowd guessing, entertained, and dancing for hours. Soon, they recorded their first EP and 2009 saw the arrival of their first full-length album, “Making More Than Sound”. After somehow acquiring a van through a series of trades and sexual favors YNF toured southern Ontario for two months. Currently YNF is completing their follow up album to "making more than Sound" which will be released in December.
Their amazing musical talent, hard work and loyal friendship gives this band their unique and cutting edge sound. Their insidious live energy and unexpected improvisations will make you question the existence of your boring life. The six members of YNF come from all walks of life and life experiences. From British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Ottawa, Campbellford, New York, and Detroit. YNF comes together to collectively write original and diverse songs that sound like no other band that has ever played on planet earth. (To be honest however, YNF is a total rip off of the popular Jupiter sextet ‘Grongels Mongheart’). Their influences come from bands such as Parliament Funkadelic, A Tribe Called Quest, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys, Roy Hargrove, Rage Against the Machine, Lamb of God, MF Doom, Childish Gambino, Queens of the stone age and Frank Zappa to name a few (A buttload). With their punchy horn lines, provocatively catchy lyrics and unique compositions Your New Friends is bringing the commercial music business to a whole new level. Fakers beware.


Full length album:
Making More Than Sound

Set List

Our set list consists of 16 original songs, as well as an arsenal of many cover songs.
- Song My Mother Used to Sing (SMMUTS)
-Kiss of Death
-Sturdy Little Burdy
-Garbage Tits
-Mars Has Water
-Who's Gonna Save My Soul
-State of Affairs
-Pass Cash
-Throw Your Guns Away
-Somethin About You
-All Of My Days
-Rise Up
-You Got Soul
-Sittin' on a Porch with a 40
-Think Once

-Around the World (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
-Sabotage(Beastie Boys)
-Bulls on Parade(Rage Against the Machine)
-Just(Radiohead/Mark Ronson)
-Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix)
-Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
-Business Time (Flight of the Conchords)