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"Yourself and The Air Preview"

Forgive this Chicago band their name: Yourself And The Air clearly spent more time writing and arranging their stormy, agit-indie than worrying about what to call it.

On the Friend Of All Breeds EP (the quick followup to last year’s Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts To Think LP), the band’s nervous quiver has become a fully fledged member. Don’t be fooled by the cheery, collectivist spirit in “So You’ve Come To Mingle” — you don’t meld The Cure, Les Savy Fav, No Knife, and Modest Mouse and come away with cream pie. No matter which pieces they move — darting counter-melodies, chugging barre chords, restrained half-time — Friend Of All Breeds has a worried heart, certain it has been mistreated and desperate to understand why.
- Illinois Entertainer

"Yourself and The Air"

Hailing in 2006, the Chicago foursome, “Yourself and the Air” are causing quite a buzz, packing venues all over the Midwest and other areas of the country. The band has twice reinvented itself residing in a sound encircling the unmistakable vocals of Erick Crosby transcending into the danceable rhythms of Drew Rassmussen’s drumming and the instrumental brothers Nicolas and James David. Reminiscent of the Cure and Wolf Parade, their next release will be a much-anticipated one.
- Noise Pop

"Check this show out!"

It's not too late for the indie-pop kids in Yourself and the Air to reconsider their band's name. Formed in 2006, the Chicago group (the acronym YATA only increases the pain) has only a full-length and the 2008 EP Friend of All Breeds to their name. But its sound is quietly evolving, from a mix of bright guitar ringlets, glockenspiel noodling and Erick Crosby's angst-strafed vocal yelps to a fuzzier, hookier sound that makes their fusion of the Cure and Modest Mouse sensible, even danceable. The excellent, should-be-a-single "So You've Come to Mingle" starts off with a charming, whispered come-on and then jumps out of its own self-consciously melancholic twee skin with spazzed-out guitars and a springy beat that suggests the Go-Betweens at their most fun, punk and refreshing.

"get to know Yourself and the Air"

“Get to Know” has returned, and what better way to make a comeback than to sample some of the local Chicago flavor? The five-piece band Yourself and the Air started in the suburbs of Chicago, and have exploded onto the Chicago music scene with their refreshing sound. Lead singer Erick Crosby started Yourself and the Air in 2006 during his time at the College of DuPage in Illinois. It was hard for Crosby to believe that studying music was the correct way to pursue it, so he left school to start writing songs privately with the rest of the band. The road, as usual, wasn’t an easy one to travel; but the band powered forth playing shows locally and building a reputation. Yourself and the Air, in the two years of existence, have toured through twenty-eight states and recorded two EPs, Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts to Think and Hola Mi Ciela!. After headlining at the Metro this past August, Yourself and the Air hit the studio to record their new EP, a culmination of the hard work and newfound success they had found.

Friend of All Breeds, due out December 21, surprises with a mature sound by a young band. Every track off the five-song EP is a leap forward as a whole. Both of their previous albums are fantastic, but Friend of All Breeds transcends both of them. “All the Ways” is a mysterious little number with dreamy guitars and a sharp drum beat by Drew Rasmussen, and Crosby’s songwriting has not suffered due to dropping out of school. It actually might be better because of it. There’s nothing unschooled about his method throughout Friend of All Breeds, and all the members’ performances are precise. Friend of All Breeds is a labor of passion above all else, and a signal of great things for Yourself and the Air.

“So You’ve Come to Mingle” is a personal favorite from Friend of All Breeds. Whether it’s the soft chimes or the deep sound of Rasmussen’s drums; “So You’ve Come to Mingle” is a heartwarming track that immediately garners attention without being showy. Yourself and the Air currently has Midwest shows scheduled, but keep checking up on them for tour updates.
- Heave Media

"Does All Ages = Suckage?"

We also got the EP Friend of All Breeds from one of the cats in Yourself and The Air Ultra-brief review -This EP shows maturity from their last EP. Wispy, ambient, catchy rock. Feels like an early fall drive down Ashland in 'that cute girl from the suburbs' convertible. (got it?) The band plays Sunday at the Bottom Lounge to release the EP.

- Avant Chicago


Yourself and the Air
Releasing their latest ep just last month on Hands Organic Records, Yourself and The Air are as their album states “Friends of All Breeds”. With song titles like “My friends are in love with a feeling” and “Heart Strings”, they embrace a lighter side of life that most might overlook. Above is a video recorded live at the Empty Bottle, and it gives you a feel for the energy and bounce that fills these five musicians.

- Deli Magazine chicago

"Around Hear"

The most immediate comparison the five-song EP from Yourself And The Air would likely yield is Modest Mouse, and considering all the success and acclaim those indie rock darlings have garnered over the past few years, there are worse bands to be compared to. Featuring the contemplatively quirky “Stardust Motel,” the ironically bouncy “Fuck You, Walk Home,” and the lovelorn “Carry Yourself Far, Far, Far Away,” for everything great in indie rock, look no further. (
– Dean Ramos

- Illinois Entertainer

"Demo of the Week"

Ever wonder what happens with the stacks of demos sent to Metro each week? No, they're not thrown into a bottomless plastic sea in our office to collect dust. We listen to them! This week the Metro staff are diggin' Yourself and the Air's self-titled full length debut. The band is quickly rising in our Chicago music scene as on of the few REAL indie rock bands. As luck would have it, the boys in YATA are hitting the Metro stage tonight for Rock Against Recession with nine brand new tunes and quite possibly some oldies from their 2006 EP.

- Metro

"Yourself and The Air"

In 16 years of broadcasting, this may very well be the best underground demo I've recieved. It has everything from melodies and arrangements, look out for Yourself and The Air.
-Richard Milne 93XRT - Local Anesthetic


Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts to Think(ep 08)
Friend of All Breeds(ep 09)



Yourself and The Air is a grammatically incorrect sentence fragment. Yourself and The Air is a solitary name for an inclusive band. Yourself and The Air makes music about you, yourself and the air. Get it? it's ok, neither does the band--but that's the whole point.

Literally speaking, Yourself and The Air is a five-piece band from the upper-middle-class-suburbs of Chicago, yes, the SUBURBS. Stigma aside, the music is urban, infused with a desperate urgency and delivered with an eerie calm. You can call it indie-rock, it is made independently after all, but a more apt title may be organic-rock, neo-hippie music, made from and for the people, with the same kind of real instruments anyone can buy themselves in a store. So, yea, take a listen, you may just like it.

In the past Yourself and The Air has shared the stage with;

Sea Wolf
Helio Sequence
Smoking Popes
David Karsten Daniels
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Reubans Accomplice
1090 club
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and many many more...