Yours For Now

Yours For Now


Yours For Now is a music project with members from a variety of musical genres, ranging from punk to folk.


Yours For Now formed in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York; however, various members had been playing together from as early as 2006. Zach and Doug used to meet for hours every Friday in a basement apartment to practice and write songs. Most of the projects reflected only an individual writer until they wrote "San Francisco." Doug had previously written the song while living in Dallas, TX, but was unsatisfied with the vocal arrangement. Zach rewrote a new melody and new lyrics and the band's first song was created.

Brian and Linda joined Zach and Doug after moving NYC . Brian had been playing drums with Heads Up Display, but left to persue music with his wife (Linda) and his cousin (Doug).

After several practice sessions and band meetings, the group finally settled on the name Yours For Now.

Mai Nemoto Kelly joined the band in January of 2009 as the band worked to develop a new varied sound -- a sound that relied less on "mass volume" (as Zach would say), and more on the inclusion of the harmonium and clarity of lyrical presentation.


We are totally collaborative and pride ourselves on working together in an open and nurturing environment. Our commitment to each other is to be loving friends first. That's what our music and our creative process is about. It is our hope to draw people into that.


The first EP, Living in Circles, will be available July 2009. There will be two EPs that will follow immediately.

Set List

The band does not do covers.
Yours For Now's songs include:

Blue Faced Mary
Pretty Mess
Notes to Upper Management
Wake Once Again
San Francisco
The Wedding Song
Travel the Great States
Can't Get Away From the Dark

Set times run anywhere from a speedy 20 minute set to 45 minutes. We do not play all of our songs in a set.