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y/our sparkle heart


Y/our Sparkle Heart is a unique mix of world music, indie folk, and rock. There is something familiar in Sarah's folky guitar and voice mixed with a classic 60s rock feel, while cello and yeu-qin add an eclectic old world sound to this indie band.


Formed in late 2005, Y/Our Sparkle Heart is a indie/folk/rock band that hails from Greenwood, South Carolina. The band is fronted by husband and wife Ian and Sarah Morris who have melded their love of world music into a folk/rock format where catchy melodies and instrument hooks are spiced by an unusual array of instruments from around the world. Chinese lute, cello, violin, and melody horn are just some of the unique instruments that compliment the more expected four piece instrumentation of guitar, electric guitar, bass and drums.

This four piece band is intent on delivering inspiring and hopeful messages within their songs. Their fans include everyone from young children, teens, and elderly who are uplifted by the positive lyrics and upbeat style of Y/Our Sparkle Heart.

Y/Our Sparkle Heart put out their first three song EP - "Appointment with Optimist" in 2007 under Athens, GA label Emerald City Ruins. They have since been signed under the indie label Future Destination Records and have released their first full length album "You, Me and God" in January 2008.


3 song EP "An Appointment with the Optimist" released by Emerald City Ruins 2007

10 song LP "You Me and God" released by Future Destination Records, 2008

Set List

Y/our Sparkle Heart typically plays for 45 minutes to an hour. Their set usually alternates between folky tunes and catchy rock/pop. They like to mix up their instrumentation with each song to keep it interesting for the listener. Y/our Sparkle Heart is not a cover band and has only one cover song in their repertoire - "Turn Turn Turn (To Everything there is a Season)". They mix in world instrumental songs in their sets as well.

(This set includes some unrecorded material and is subject to change depending on the nature of the performance.)

A typical set:
1. Where We First Began
2. Appointment with the Optimist
3. City Folk
4. A Song about Winter
5. Turn, Turn, Turn (cover song by The Byrds)
6. You Say I Say
6. Messengers
7. Return Home
8. Banners and Fires
9. Headlights