Your Twenties

Your Twenties


Your Twenties have a sound that sails in the upper atmosphere, gliding between the sunshine harmony of the west coast and the sharp snap of britpop. "Quite marvellous" says The Guardian. The band are putting the finishing touches to their debut LP with Metronomy's Joseph Mount at the production helm


Your Twenties were born when Metronomy bass player Gabriel Stebbing found the tug of his first love - classic West Coast and British songwriting - too much to resist, handing in his notice after 3 happy years with the groundbreaking electro-poppers. Enlisting the help of family and friends, all hands were put to the tiller in service of The Sound - and what a sound it is.

Debut 7" Caught Wheel (released on London DIY label Germs of Youth) showcased the band's insistently motorik beat underpinning cascading harmonies against a backdrop of twinkling guitar and rushing synths. The Guardian described it in a glowing, knowing review, as "that most curious of hybrids - west coast britpop".

The follow-up, Billionaires (on NYC's Neon Gold), caught the ear of Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur) while in demo form, and the legendary producer whipped it into a haze of rolling guitars, handclaps and sunshine "ooohs" - earning Your Twenties a lead feature in the NME's 'Radar' in September 2009 and picking up the accolade of's "official #1 summer jam"!

The band's impressionistic lyrics sum up the confusion and drama of life at the most curious of times. Speaking to Amelia's magazine, Gabriel says: "[In] my twenties so far, everything has been... complicated. There have been so many amazing points and so many dead ends, feelings of exasperation and so many points of elation".

The by turns bittersweet, nostalgic and noon-bright optimistic feel of the band's forthcoming debut LP is testament to the ambition, deftness of touch, and gosh-darn-glad-to-be-alive spirit of its creators.


November 2008 - Caught Wheel (7" - Germs of Youth)
August 2009 - Billionaires (7" - Neon Gold)