You Shriek

You Shriek


electronic, organic... the beatbox has a soul.


Listen with your eyes closed. Herein lies the essence of a fleeting feeling, an elusive after image, the vague impression of something lost. A splendid place: the opulent innermost chambers where soul mates might share their darkest secrets without prejudice. Music echoes through the ruins of the 20th century. It guides you somewhere impossibly vast; the lush fields of discontent where only the introspective may pass. This is where imagination begets substance; this is home.

Electronic, organic... the beatbox has a soul. You Shriek elegantly defies classification creating a unique sound on the threshold of a new genre.


'93-youshriek, cassette-only release. '95-grim EP. '96-Burn Something Dear. '02-Unreal Cities

numerous compilation appearances, club, radio, internet play.

Set List

7-9 songs from all albums, typically includes a cover. 35-45 minutes in duration.