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Youth Yamada

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Rock Indie




""Shinin' On" YOUTH YAMADA EP review - NOV 9, 2015"

“This is a great song that reminds me a lot of The Beatles. The melody and rhythm is fun to listen to. All the instruments blend together well and sound lovely. It is a really upbeat little ditty of a song that I would listen to in my own free time. I think this artist does a great job.”

“the one chord played in the beginning of the intro made me think this was going to be a typical metal song, but to my surprise it was not. the tune is much more inviting and cheerful. i liked the development of this song and its arrangement, for everything just flowed well. the lead vocals were warm and cool at the same time! the background singers had some good harmonies as well which went well with the melody.”

“the song is beautiful and i can listen to it all the time. is so smooth and something i can relax to. the tone and pitch are perfect and is eccentric. i feel vary full listening to this song, it makes me want to listen to it forever. God wrote such a perfect song and i know that it will go far.”

“I like that the melody is very mellow and more on the quitter side. I also like that you included a tambourine to the melody. Your vocals are very gentle and delicate. I think that your voice goes so well with the electric guitar. Overall I like your tone of voice and the melody.” - Reverbnation soundout

""Hold Me" YOUTH YAMADA EP review - NOV 9, 2015"

“Simple and nostalgic melody and lyrics reminiscence of a 60s folk song. Cheerful and happy with good use of guitar and vocals. Addition of tambourine percussion adds charm to this song. Upbeat tempo with limited instruments add fun. The song would be great to sing along to.”

“This song is one of the boldest, smartest, most colourful and purely pleasurable easygoing songs that I have heard this week. The intro is rather welcoming, as the melody is familiar and friendly. This arrangement seems very infectious. I can definitely see myself listening to this song over and over, as the lyrics speak well to me, and they can easily apply to others. Overall, the background, vocals, and melody intertwine into a great musical track.”

“I like that this song sounds like tranquility. I also like that a tambourine is being used to harmonize the melody. Your vocals are very breathy and pretty. I like how your voice holds so much power and yet it is perfect for a stripped down song.”

“I think this is a marvelous remake of an older song. The way in which this entertaining singer holds their own as the song brings in a banjo and tambourine amongst the other sounds being drawn in as well, there is much going on yet sounds unique. Wonderful musical etiquette and a prosperous potential to make sales within a fan base.”

“Different music that what I am used to hearing. Different in a good way however. The beat, tone, and tempo just works. There is something about those vocals in unison with the other aspects that make this a great song piece. Easy-flowing lyrics as well. I like it!! Huge thumbs up for this tune!!”

“I like the use of the instruments this artist uses and the way he signs. This singer is a very talented artist. This song blends into the music they use also. I love how they use the music and singer together to make this wonderful song come together. Great way of using your mind to make a song.”

“This song begins with a nice shaking of the bead instrument. The vocalist has a nice and delicate voice that balances the song extremely well. The dichotomy between the singer and the instrumental aspect supports each other through out the whole duration of this song. In general, this song is both well composed and well structured by the artist at hand.”

“The start of the song starts slow but that is great because it allows the singer to come in and be that much better. The banjo in the background is fantastic because he keeps the whole band in time and they couldn't carry on without him. The singer is great because he can hit all of the notes and also be able to fit with the backing track perfectly. The song is great and also the backing track is fantastic.”

“Lovely song. I really did enjoy listening to this song. I think the vocals of this man were brilliant. I think this song did need some more instruments like shakers drums and bells. I would really like to hear more from this artist. I would like this artist to make more music in different genres too.”

“The vocals on this track are moving and also feeling. I really like the way in which the artist expresses the sentiments on this track. His performance is very simple but also very genuine. The soft and rhythmic melody in the backdrop is perfect for this particular song. I really like the subject matter of the speaker's love interest flying away, leaving him to feel empty and lonely.”

“The vocals in this song are clean and raw. The instrumentals are very simple and the tempo is slow. The song is clean, harmonic and innocent sounding, Overall its a happy track that would be fun to sing along to, I quite liked how simple and natural it sounds.”

“This song started off really cool,nice voice and good song, i like the music and the lyrics and the song and the way you sing it and everything, it is not boring, nor tiring, it is actually interesting, it is pretty cool i like this song and would publish it.”

“I loved the maraca in the song. Your lead male vocals sounded so interesting! He had a nice voice. The guitar was really great as well. I think that both the singing and the guitar are perfect together. Your lyrics were empowering and fabulous! I feel like this will do very well in a commercial setting. The chorus was strong.”

“The intro of the song was great as it put vocals right at the start. The beat was groovy and had many instruments to listen to. The vocals fit in well and had back up vocalist in the background which enhanced the lyrics. The mixture of everything was perfect and all the instruments fit in place with the vocals.” - Reverbnation soundout

"Japanese Independent Music Festival is Coming to Goodbye Blue Monday this Weekend"

You won’t have to travel too far this weekend to get a dose of some international music. This weekend, Goodbye Blue Monday will be one of the hosting venues for Tazigen Festival Volume 2: NYC, a Japanese Independent Music Festival that first took place last January in Koenji, Tokyo. For one weekend only, both Japan and NYC based Japanese artists will perform in various locations of NYC such as downtown’s ABC No Rio and our beloved Goodbye Blue Monday (Saturday Nov. 8 at 8PM, no cover).
Festival organizer and a musician Youth Yamada explained to Bushwick Daily how Tazigen came about: “In 2012 Dutch band ‘I Saw the Deep‘ approached Japanese musician UBI Quitous (of UBI & FU), explaining to him that they wanted to perform in a music festival in Japan,” Yamada said. “They met each other in Toronto where they were all performing together at ‘Indie Week 2011′. UBI could not think of any Japanese music festivals that he could put them in, so he decided to make a festival. UBI ended up finding a public hall in Tokyo where theatrical performances are usually held and began organizing the festival details with Ryohei Otsuki, a friend and musician from PALESS.”

Yamada goes on to explain how the previous year’s festival includes performers of all kinds (from musicians to jugglers to poets) and that people of all ages and backgrounds thoroughly enjoyed the event. “It was tough to do everything by ourselves – stage setting, lighting, baclines, receptions and so on,” Yamada remembers. “This time the festival will be a combined effort from all of the musicians and performers involved”.
So, if you are in the mood for some tunes from overseas head down to Goodbye Blue Monday this Saturday at 8pm – it should be a fun time! Free admission. - Bushwick Daily

"Tazigen festival vol.2 in NYC, Japanese independent music event!"

many varieties of musicians from japan - minkei

"The International Pop Overthrow Festival!"

Youth Yamada – Born in Philadelphia, and having released three mini-albums and toured Tokyo and Osaka with his band World Chocolate, Yamada now makes his home in New York City, and has recently released his first solo EP. Influenced by The Beatles and ‘60s folk rock, Yamada pens simple feel good songs that can easily embed themselves in your brain! The title track of his EP, “Shinin’ On” was also named a finalist in the 2015 John Lennon Songwriting Contest – pretty cool! - David Bash


New York City, USA


Feb 2018 For The Plastic Dandies
Nov 2017 When The Radio play a song EP
​Mar 2017 Acoustic Safari 
Feb 2017 Small Change​/​Time Out EP  
Apr  2016 Girl Behind you​/​Getting closer
Dec 2015 TAKE IT ALL EP 
Dec  2014  Shinin' on/Hold me 

Tokyo, Japan

​2009 Valentine EP 
2008 mona records compilation of indie music 
2007  Album The World Chocolate part III 
2006  Album The World Chocolate volume 2 
2005 Album The World Chocolate 1



Based in Brooklyn, NY 

Youth Yamada is a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist born in Philadelphia and raised in Japan. With his left-handed guitar, harmonica and accompanied by the subtle clapping sounds of the khartal, Youth plays soulful folk music straight from the heart. His songs are hypnotically catchy, upbeat and gives his audience melodies that are unforgettable. Artery

“Youth Yamada seemed to be born in this era accidentally. He is a rock’n roller who addicted to classic rock music. He keeps striving to discover the new possibilities through the Beatles or the Beach boys. That’s one of the most challenging thing to do for musicians nowadays.” Paless Otsuki  

Official Website 

Works/Prizes Doritos GM 2016

A winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest Session I, 2019 2015

Rock Finalist.  "Goodnight Darling" "Shinin' on"

UK Songwriting Contest 2015

Category: Singer-Songwriter Score:5 "Hold Me"


Brooklyn Museum Winterfest 2018 

Musikfest Bethlehem PA 2018

Porch Stomp Bushwick 2018

New Jersey Folk Festival 2018

Shambhala in your heart (Thailand) 2018 

MidPoint Music Festival 2017​

Northside Festival (NYC) 2017 2015

Richmond International Film Festival 2017

Tazigen Festival Berlin, Germany 2015

​​The Village Alliance’s Positively 8th Street Festival NYC 2015

Make Music New York Festival 2014-2016​

Tazigen Festival NYC 2014

​Japan Block Fair NYC 2011

JAM Japan Art Matsuri 2010


The Bitter End NYC 2020 2019 2015​

Silvana 2019

Arlene's Grocery NYC 2016​

Pianos NYC 2015-2016

Mercury Lounge NYC 2015

​Bushwick Flea residency Brooklyn NY 2015

​The Bowery Electric NYC 2015

Webster Hall NYC (Balcony Lounge) 2014​


​Live in Tokyo tour 2020- 2018

​Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, CA 2016

​Live in Tokyo Green Apple 2016​

New Orleans tour 2014

​Live tour Osaka Japan 2011

He originally united his band ”The World Chocolate” in Tokyo Japan,

With the members of The Beatles club in Meiji university.

Released three original albums and contributed a song to mona records compilation album in 2007.  

They played at many live shows and events around Tokyo and Osaka area. includes The Beatles Museum Charity live show, London times and “Lesson 25” etc in 2009. also attended March of the Mods in 2008.

He went back playing in new york city from 2009, as well as a member of The Beatles tribute band “The meetles” .

He is able to play all the instruments and vocals part of all of The Beatles 214 songs. Attended make music new york festival and released solo EPs in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2015, He played at Northside festival(NYC), ”Tazigen Festival vol.3” in Berlin, Germany in August.  In 2017, new EP and Album "Acoustic Safari"released.

2018 New Album "For The Plastic Dandies" released.

Band Members