Youth Under Construction

Youth Under Construction


Youth Under Construction thrills audiences with their dynamic stage show since 2002. Combining high-energy vocals, choreographed dancing, breakdancing and clean raps, performances are based on a music CD that has won 4 National Top-Level Awards. The all-ages show plays out about 50 times per year.


Living on the east side of Detroit in the early 1990’s, project creator Mello-D observed a frightening trend. Youth bobbing their heads and grooving to entertainment that glorified murder and disrespected people- especially women.

He thought to himself: What kind of world are the youth of today growing up in? And so he worked to develop a collection of music that promoted personal empowerment in the context of creating a better world for themselves and others.

Mello-D envisioned a world where young people would use their talent and creativity to express themselves in a positive way- bringing hope and encouragement to their peers. Enough bad news!

The vision became a reality and an incredible resource for thousands of youth and their families. The performers were encouraged to develop their personal on-stage skills and connect with their audiences while singing lyrics that include:

“Youth Under Construction, youth in development. It’s an introduction to the young and intelligent. Caught in the storm, trying to function, wondering where their umbrella went. Youth Under Construction, youth in development.”


Mello-D’s “Youth Under Construction” v1.0

Set List

BeComSapattaU Pt.1
Build it Up!
Youth Under Construction Pt.1
Figure it Out
Let's Start Something
Keep Peace in the Hood
Much Betta
Youth Under Construction Pt.2
BeComSapattaU Pt.2