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Singapore, Singapore, Singapore | SELF

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore | SELF
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"Lagu anak Melayu S'pura di stesen Amerika"

"Dua lagu daripada album Fools! telah mula berkumandang di corong stesen radio di Seattle dan berjaya mencuri hati ramai pendengar di sana. Lebih membanggakan ialah mereka telah diundang mengadakan persembahan di sana. Syabas!"
- Zaibaktian Abu Bakar


“Like their predecessors, their recently self-released EP entitled ‘Fools’ is characterized by great music – highly charged electric guitars with heavy distortion, interesting song melodies and dynamics coupled with frenetic drumming. Not forgetting the angst-filled lyrics and great screaming vocals. All in all, I do believe that ‘Fools’ by YouthWreck is a well-paced album and a great production. With the right amount of publicity, it will appeal to an audience not limited to rock fans only.”

- Zaibaktian Abu Bakar - MUSIC.SG

"YouthWreck On Seattle Radio"

“I love it and think the Seattle grunge scene would be proud of you guys. I lived it, knew many of the players in the grunge scene and they would be flattered to know they've affected you guys.”
- Darrell - NWCZ , Seattle Radio


'Fools!' [EP]



The Birth Of YouthWreck.

So, Fadil Yusof sat down with a friend to discuss a band name for the songs that he'd written over the years. After settling on YouthWreck, a name born from foul experiences, he needed a band to rock out with, a group of friends to hang out with and a family to call his own.

Having worked with a handful of drummers that didn't quite stick, Fadil heard from a friend that there existed a drummer that would fit in nicely. Watching a gig that had this drummer on the bill, Fadil said to himself, "I really gotta have this drummer," and soon enough both Fadil and Bani Hidir's paths met during an IRC Guitar Channel outing.

Hidir, during this outing, was allegedly doing more card tricks than talking about music. The pair spoke very briefly but exchanged contact information nonetheless. During this period, Fadil took the opportunity to rope Hidir into his band. No matter the amount of times the offer was turned down due to a hectic schedule, Fadil was persistent at having Hidir as his drummer.

Persistence prevailed when Hidir finally agreed for one jamming. Fadil’s guitar broke into 'Hardest Moment' and one song later, Hidir was sold.

If there's anything that needs to be understood during the course of this reading, is that there are many personnel changes revolving the door of YouthWreck.

Izzuddin Aris was Fadil's colleague during National Service. The "tall, weird, nerd s***" was seen sitting by his desk listening to music and was approached by Fadil. Having asked the question, "What are you listening to?", his answer was prompt, "Metallica" and the pair instantly clicked. The conversation escalated into family matters and reached a stunning conclusion; they were cousins. With the knowledge that Izzuddin played guitar and bass, Fadil introduced him to other musicians to widen his view on the scene.

Through thick and thin, Izzudin has been by Fadil's side. This was a major factor in Fadil's decision to make Izzuddin the final addition to the band as a bassist and backup singer. Since then, YouthWreck released the 'Fools!' EP and have garnered little or some interest both locally and internationally. The band is currently promoting the EP and writing a new set of songs for an album that is about to come.