You You Dark Forest

You You Dark Forest

 Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
BandRockNew Age

You You Dark Forest is a project which uses sound in an attempt to adequately express what words cannot. The music's loud/soft dynamics and overall complexity serve to create a microcosm of the macrocosm which is the members' collective experiences.


Started in the basements of the three original members' dwellings, You You dark Forest began officially in March 2011.

Basically, a group of very close friends started playing music together more regularly, and began thinking: "hey this sounds pretty good; let's do something with it". Then the music started to flow. The original work was based loosely around the solo projects Wandering ...Still (the guitarist, Danny) and Lie Comma Coma (the drummer, Mark) coming together. With the addition of Vadim Fedorovsky on the bass, it seemed as if the group was complete.

A short while after You You Dark Forest began playing shows, a new member was added. Zachary Groff (a friend and fellow musician) began playing in basement jam sessions. His guitar work added a depth and distinction to the music that the original members hardly knew was missing, but after his addition could not possibly deny.

Some months after the addition of Zachary, You You Dark Forest further expanded its membership to include Danny's cousin, Chris Baldys on guitar. His presence is valuable to this group; You You Dark Forest is ever so fortunate to have him.