You Yourselves

You Yourselves


You Yourselves are from Guelph Ontario. They have played in basements and in bars and have travelled in vans across Ontario. They have recorded 2 EPs and have just finished recording songs for a third. They have played with such fine acts as Two Hours Traffic, The Creepshow, and The Johnstones.


The six headed hydra known as You Yourselves hails from the most royal
of cities, Guelph, Ontario. Despite experiencing a number of lineup
changes since the bands inception in 2005, the now solidified lineup
performs an abraisive brand of indie rock. They showcase the
verstility inherent in the genre by amalgamating punk aesthetic with
hook laden dual vocals and a plethora of diverse musical influences.
Lead by vocalists Brian Gillis and Jon Gazendam (who also plays
keys), the musical onslaught is proudly accompanied by the pulsating
beats of Luke McCarter, the devestating bass licks of his brother
Reid, and the dual guitar attack of Mr. Jon F. Law and Chris
The noises made by these six individuals culminate to create
what the band refers to as "spy rock," a sound which although is
contemporary in its aggressive nature, still holds a facet of
setimentality, paying homage to a plethora of musical forms from the
years of yore.
The eccentric and uber enertgetic set provided by You Yourselves
has left many a dancefloor devestated, and they are simply awaiting an
oppurtunity to demolish a room full of ears in ANY town near you.


'Make it Happen' (EP) April 2006
1. We Run Marathons
2. Future Facts
3. We The Living
4. Caught up in the Wires
5. Royal City Blues
6. The Ceiling

'Cut Off Your Elevators' (EP) September 2007
1. Extended Youth
2. Architects
3. Malls are melting
4. Coastline
5. For the Birds
6. Torn Curtain
7. We the Dead

Unreleased EP- 2008
1. Choke you out right now
2. Grape vines and organized crimes
3. Moscow M.S.
4. Everybody needs water
5. We still need marathons
6. Vulture Culture
We are currently streaming our music on,, as well as on, where most of the songs on Cut Off Your Elevators can be heard.
You can also check out You Yourselves on Guelph's University station CFRU 93.3

Set List

Our typical set list is pretty awesome. We can play for an hour or a day. We decide which songs we play depending on who is there. We typically play our own material but have been known to break into the occasional Iggy Pop search and destroy cover. We love playing live and pour everything we have into our sets.
1.We Run Marathons
2. Architects
3.Moscow M.S.
4. Choke you out Right Now
5. Malls are Melting
6. For the Birds
7. Vulture Culture
8. Extended Youth
9. Torn Curtain
encore: Royal City Blues, The hives (avre cadavre)