The yo-yo Contingency

The yo-yo Contingency

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Dork-rock substance added to folk-rock essence and pop-rock naiveté.


"This is some freaky shit - and I'm into it."

Comprised of Neil Campau and Jack Sprauer, of Seattle and Detroit, respectively, the yo-yo Contingency is a self-sufficient duo of multi-talented, multi-tasking musicians. The artists function simultaneously as composers, lyricists, performers, sound and visual directors, and entrepreneurs, compiling many years of classical and professional musical training within vocals, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, percussion, set, and hand drums. Additionally, each contribute to the band's collective sound as musical instrument aficionados, often experimenting with children's toys, world and cultural traditions, and the often overlooked wealth of sound obtainable through kitchen utensils.

Ultimately, every aspect of the yo-yo Contingency's music is considered a shared project between the two members. Roles and responsibilities are often traded and manipulated, making their live performances a veritable circus of instruments, video, and sound.

Although forming an accurate description of the yo-yo Contingency's music is a seemingly futile mission, a number of Garageband Records' fans have given it their best shot, with often unusual outcomes:

"...older Beck meets Ween..."
"...Radiohead meets the Doors..."
"Sounds like David Bromberg on acid."

In other words, it's a difficult hole to peg. The yo-yo Contingency could be best described as alternative pop: dork-rock substance added to folk-rock essence and pop-rock naiveté. A closer listen provides subtle insight into the band's influences-the melodic simplicity of The Eels; the dramatic ingenuity of They Might Be Giants; the lush textures of The Flaming Lips; and the earnest sincerity of Fountains of Wayne. The infiltration of these elements are indirectly apparent, lending to a sound that is at once familiar and distinct.

"Wonderfully unhinged, coldly brutal, funny, shockingly graphic . . . "


Backed by a Toy Army [June 2006]
Backed by a Toy Army LOFI Sampler [November 2006]
Box of Love [January 2004]

Set List

Originals from upcoming album and various unreleased tidbits.

Covers include: "I Should be Allowed" by They Might be Giants and "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by The Flaming Lips