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"YP-"CLASSIFIED" album review"

It may be safe to say that if you want the finer things in life it takes HUSTLE, in other words “Hard Work”. This is evident through the debut album “Classified” from the Chicago native YP. After building a strong buzz on the Internet, thanks to major publicity from FSD. The newcomer was able to catch the ears of not just the streets, but the whole city itself.

Last Tuesday, YP held a special listening session for his debut, and I can say it definitely exceeded my expectations and lives to the hype surrounding him. YP’s strengths comes with his ability to paint vivid scenes of his life on songs like “Wonder Why”. Even the usual topics we hear in the hood are redefined in YP’s music. His first single “I Hustle” is a soulful track that is reminiscent to the music from the 1940’s Jazz era of the Harlem Renaissance. The sample creates a relaxed mellow feel as YP explains how he hustles. The lead single is directed by Pugs Atomz, who was also in attendance at YP’s listening session.

His presence on the mic is one not to be ignored, with a unique voice and delivery these two key elements stands out on all fifteen tracks. What many rappers fail to realize is that at the end of the day it is the quality of your music that will stand the test of time. Thankfully for YP he already knows this. He’s not concerned with being an average cliche rapper but becoming an Artist, one who can relate and speak to people of all walks of life with his material. While he offers an in depth depiction of the lifestyle in the streets, he ensures a complete album that caters to various audiences. On songs like “Through It All”, YP expresses the issues that many women go through. The song has even been deemed as his version of “Brenda’s Got a Baby” from various listeners. Proving that he can also create records with substance.

All fifteen tracks flow, you literally can play the whole CD without skipping any tracks. Not to mention that most debut efforts feature little to no features, you can add YP to the list of artists that have done this. There are only three guest features on the album from Mikkey Halsted, Skooda Chose and Bighomie D.O.E, which in my opinion doesn’t overshadow the overall album, keeping it cohesive. The production on the album features Illanoize, LoKey, Chase Davis, Moss, Future, PR Da Beast, but most of all Big E. Big E productions seems to breathe a new life in YP and elevate his lyrics to new heights. I hope these two continue to work with each other.

The album is due in a couple of weeks so you might see your local bootlegger with it, but I do recommend to check YP out if you haven’t already, I guarantee you will appreciate his music.

Get In Tune! Stupid….

- Hiphoplivesstupid.com


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know this was supposed to hit the internets yesterday, but hey, you know rappers and their deadlines! Nothing and no one is ever on time! I'm kidding of course...we ran into a snafu with the files. But it's here now and equally as dope as it would've been 24 hours ago.

First, I'd like to say that nothing makes me happier (as far as from a 'running a blog' standpoint), then to watch an artist grow and come into their own, which YP has done over the past year. I first posted YP as part of my long-defunct 'New Music Tuesday' series on July 15, 2008, and a little over a year later he's become one of the Chicago's most sought after and prominent young MCs.

That being said, I'm happy to present to the world his first official album release, Classified, which is brought to you by Stay Humble (what up Gene?) and FSD. This project gets my stamp of approval (for whatever that's worth), and from what I've heard around the city (from those who have it) people are really feeling this project. Featuring guest shots from Mikkey Halsted, Skooda Chose and Bighomie DOE, Classified is definitely what Chicago hip hop heads have been waiting for.

You can download a FREE copy now, but party is over in a week as YP has a distro deal for the project and will be selling it. Consider it as a gift. You should be gettin' it.

- Fakeshoredrive.com


Single- "I Hustle"



Born and raised on the eastside of Chicago, Greg “Y.P” Cherry, is the city’s newest young artist to burst onto the hip-hop scene. With a growing reputation, Y.P’s debut street album "CLASSIFIED". is set to release in July with an array of distinguished style and lyricism. The 23- yr old began penning lyrics as an escape from hardships at home. Raised in a single parent home, Y.P was forced to mature at a young age. After moving to Marquette Park and attending Hubbard high school and graduated in 2004. He then attended Kentucky State University on a basketball scholarship but returned home after a semester due to problems at home. It was these family issues that inspired Y.P’s urge to increase his writing and lyrical content.
The young emcee has established a reputation for
himself and a proven track record amongst his peers including the debut street album "Classified," which features Mikkey Halsted, JDP and D.O.E. set to be released summer of 2009. Coining himself as “Chicago’s Lottery Pick,” Y.P is making his mark on the industry. According to Y.P., “Your first impression lasts a lifetime and that’s how long I want to last.”