Yür Daddy

Yür Daddy


We are Yür Daddy!


Portland, Oregon based Yur Daddy was founded by Yarley Nystrom and Julian Munske in early 2009. Cheap whiskey and endless pints fueled the creative process until the music could no longer be harnessed by just two musicians. After creating a strong core of original music, Yur Daddy added bass guitar master Sky Stewart and local drum legend Rydell Dorton to hold down the rhythm. Constantly evolving, the band has drawn from an orgy of creative influences over the years including funk, folk and reggae but, stylistically, they are a rock band at heart. This eclectic mash up moves crowds and is fun and full of energy leading to be described as , Somewhere between Ron Jeremy and Mr. T.


"One for the Road" Copyright 2013
"EP" Copyright 2010