Kevin Bryden

Kevin Bryden

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
BandHip HopEDM

Hi, I'm Y-Rush. er I make beats too uh yes, I did that. That was I. mmmhhhmmmmm *nice card stock* Let's make it happen!


A DJ caught between the physical and digital realm... Using turntables, Y-Rush has hip-hopped from stage to stage mixing sounds from all eras of recorded music. Four 1st place titles have been claimed in regional DMCs and DJ Olympics competitions. More than 15 albums feature this turntablist on the cuts. Y-Rush was featured on the 2009 East Coast Music Award hip hop single of the year. Many shows have been played with groups Alpha Flight and Something Good who is currently touring their sophomore album.


Something Good - Just Add Water

Set List

2 hours of good music for a good crowd is ideal. 30 minute sets are great too!