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"Young Shah - 'Affirmative Action'"

'Affirmative Action'
(Its Real Records)

Hailing from Alabama, first-generation Persian rapper Pooya Eslami a.k.a Young Shah has been holding down the Southern underground Hip-Hop scene with this seventeen track album full of banging tracks and lyrical soundscapes! 'Can't Sleep' is the first joint to really impress with smooth production and an infectious hook, before the single 'Down 2 Ride' enters which has a real club and street feel. This track actually reached the top 50 of all unsigned artists on the international Soundclick.com Hip-Hop chart. This fully independent cat deserves attention and when you hear the tracks I mentioned as well as tracks like 'Stuck In The System' and 'So Sincere' you too will be hooked. Massive props to Young Shah for all the hard work and delivering a tight album.

Review by Tricksta.
- RAGO Magazine

"Young Shah "Affirmative Action""

Birmingham, Alabama native, college graduate and law student Young Shah gives us a glimpse into life in the south we may not see. Hailing from one of the 10 most dangerous cities in the United States, he's here to divert our attention away from the women and money much associated with hip hop life in the south and affix our ears to the world turning and the chaos that goes on around us each day. Spouting scarcely positive, always truthful raps over varied, smooth beats, Shah brings to mind the early days of hip hop when it was important to be original and different from the next guy. Educated, yes... blind, no.

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"Young Shah - "Affirmative Action""

Review by Todd Gaines
Courtesy of Loud Orange

Young Shah, a recent graduate of UAB and now a law student in Birmingham, is about to shatter the stereotype of today's emcee. The 1st generation son of Persian parents, Pooya Eslami began playing piano at 9 years old to separate himself from the rough environment that surrounded him. A natural entertainer, Eslami began finding his musical talent during his piano lessons and impromptu Michael Jackson impersonations. Young Shah reminisces about the moment he felt his true calling:

"As a freshman in college I would always freestyle around my friends. One night we were out and there were people rapping at the club. My friends forced me to get on stage and freestyle in front of everyone. I jumped on stage started rhyming and everything around me went pitch black. I went into a complete trance. That moment I knew within my heart this was the route I wanted to take with my life."

Young Shah delivers a style that true hip hop fans need and want. Shah is as diverse as they come, and he stands out from most rappers considering he has real talent and a true love for music. Anyone who is a fan of Hip Hop and doesn't know who YS is needs to find out, or they'll miss out on one of the supreme talents in music today. Seldom will you find an artist with true intellect behind every rhyme. Shah's album Affirmative Action is full of lyrical insights backed up by refreshing beats and top notch production. Shah combines shrewd wordplay with his life experience and his hidden rhetoric, not only harmonizing each aspect, but bringing it all together to create his sound.
Affirmative Action is one of those albums you can put in, then just sit back and listen-without getting bored. It's hard to categorize his songs, but feel them you will. Throughout the album, Shah demonstrates why he is one of the few unique vocalists in Hip Hop today. His harmonies and writing style make each composition feel distinctive.

The bass-drive of "You Don't" will have neighbors knocking across the country, while "Stuck in the System" will have you searching for meaning and contemplating life. With vocals dripping with pain, "Skin Deep" tells a tale of unspeakable loss; to explain it would be disrespectful. "War Crimes" is a poignant commentary of the war in Iraq told from the perspective of a soldier's letters home. The "Affirmative Action (Outro)" will have you drifting into symphonic pleasure, leaving you craving for more.

Countless rappers today talk about a mass of selfish things and ideas, bolstered by a comic combination of a thuggish attitude, bling-bling, and oversize clothes. YS is not that stereotypical rapper; he is his music and wishes only to be heard. Saying that Affirmative Action is a good album would be like saying Biggie was a good rapper; what Young Shah has created is a modern day classic. Pick up Affirmative Action and experience one of the best hip hop albums of the year.

- loudorange.com


IRR001: Young Shah - "Affirmative Action"

Y.S. - "Southern Revolutionary" dropping '06, ft. "Take Somethin" radio single...already spinning in several cities.



"My early musical influences included Tupac, Nas, Dre, and Jay-Z" says Pooya, Young Shah; "more recent influences include Immortal Technique and Eminem" says Pooya Eslami, a.k.a. Y.S., Young Shah, Shah.
As an first-generation Persian, Pooya learned life lessons at an early age and went on to become an outstanding athlete, winning 2 state championships with his 6A high school in Alabama. After high school, Pooya headed off to the state of Tennessee after receiving a soccer scholarship. After a career ending injury he decided to leave Tennessee and headed to the University of Alabama-Birmingham. In Birmingham, he began to form a reputation of respect at only 19 years old.

While Pooya felt his desire and talent, he also decided it was important to get his degree, a Marketing B.S. Pooya is now in law school, and has an educated and motivated team who has come together to form It's Real Records. With a business structure in place, Pooya has been able to focus on songwriting and studio sessions. In just a few months Young Shah released his groundbreaking debut album "Affirmative Action." "The Young Shah style is allowing us to create a unique strategic marketing plan," says Brandon Norstedt, manager; "we are confident that implementation of our plan will bring our product success."

It's Real Records was put together to manage the business of Young Shah, as well as acquire new talent. Backed with degrees and entrepreneurship experience, It's Real Records consists of a group capable of wearing many hats.

With a unique sound and style, Young Shah, is able to grab the attention of a wide audience. Hardcore Hip Hop heads, as well as the more traditional pop music fan can feel Young Shah. Our team is capable of professional product development, promotion, and publicity.