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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1995 | INDIE

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1995
Solo Hip Hop R&B




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  • Still I Rise (The Sequel) feat Devyne J. Supreme (11/15/2018) 

  • T.S.O.S (The Secrets Of Society) (06/01/2018) 

  • The Elixir Of Life (03/25/2018) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • Luna LIFIR (Freestyle Album) (05/25/2017) 
    Yso'Siris & Devyne J. Supreme

  • M'Perium Diadem MuVu (05/19/2017) 
    Yso'Siris Production

  • The Lions Come To Feast (11/15/2016) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • Vanguards of Hip Hop (06/15/2015) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • The Right Hand Of the Throne (07/15/2015) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • Cracking the 7th Seal (08/15/2015) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • Street Politicz (The Watchers) (09/15/2015) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • Lost In Time (10/15/2015) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • The Royal Crown (2013) 

  • Hood Morpheus Revealed (2011-2012) 
    Yso'Siris & Big Boy Politicz Artists

  • Royal Crown Studio VA Mix-tape (2008-2010) 
    Yso'Siris & VA Artists

  • Big Boy Politicz (VA to LA) (2004-2005) 
    Union Regime

  • First Round Draft Picks (2001-2003) 
    Yso'Siris & Union Regime

  • LIFIR (Life's Fire that Burns) (1998) 
    Yso'Siris & LIFIR

  • The Treehouse Sessions (1995-1997) 
    Yso'Siris & Deeply Rooted Artists

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    It’s said, that some of the most talented basketball players will never make it to the Major League Playground called the NBA. It can also be said that some of the Dopiest Lyricist also will never reach the level of the Major Music Industry Elites. Yso’Siris is one of those Underground Artist who is right on the brink of expanding Hip Hop into Higher Communications. With his street witty dialogue and skit coordination, you can hear an advanced artist working his magic over the music. Supplying his project with exclusive promotional content & intriguing videos, Yso’Siris will surely make a stamp with his New Approach.

    Born and raised in Hampton, VA, Yso’Siris started his music career off under a different alias. For many years the majority of the music that was put out from Yso’Siris was under the name of “Esa’MunClf”. During those times before the name change, Esa’MunClf has been traveling around to the big cities such as Minneapolis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte and Los Angeles and have worked with the likes of artists such as TLO aka VA Streets (U.N.I.O.N), Yukmouth (Lunis), Stickman (Dead Prez), Doonie (Federation Click), Kurupt (Dog Pound), Lay Law & Go-Mac (Above the Law), LT Hutton, The Legendary Yo-Yo, Kokaine, Tone Loc, Bishop of Crunk, Boretta Da General, WC (Westside Circle) and R&B artist Black Rose.

    Yso’Siris (Esa) also had the pleasure of working with extraordinary producers such as Thee Amazing (ADOT-Team Trilogy), Point Guard Ent, Platinum Mind Ent, Father-Time, Danga Da Beat Banga, Third Letter, Devyne J. Supreme, Charles Cox and many more underground producers. Yso’Siris also had one of his songs named “Road Back Home” featured in a Independent Film called “Caught In The Game” (a film by Mike Merrill).

    The Discography of Yso’Siris consist of 4 Full Albums and 8 Mixtape Albums. The first 2 projects was a collaboration of MC’s called the Southern Dwella’s and the Mixtape was called “Deeply Rooted 1 & 4” and was put together in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The next project was a group album called “LIFIR” which consisted of 3 artists, Yso’Siris (Esa’MunClf), Earth’s Prodigy and Devyne J. Supreme. Another project which was Yso’Siris (Esa’s) Solo Album was called “Signum Ab Missaticum” (Sign of a Message), which was completed in Minneapolis, MN with Platinum Mind Entertainment.

    The next solo album by Yso’Siris was ‘’The Royal Crown” (Truth, Justice and Honor), which was done in Los Angeles, CA with Big Boy Politicz. The Mixtape CD called “Hood Morpheus Revealed” was completed in Charlotte, NC as well as 5 other Mixtape CD’s which was called the “Royal Crown Mixtape Series” Edition 1-5. The 1st Edition Mixtape CD was called “The Vanguards of Hip Hop”, the 2nd Edition was called “The Right Hand Side of the Throne”, the 3rd Edition was called “Cracking the 7 Seals”, the 4th Edition was called “Street Politicz (The Watchers)’’ and the 5th Edition was called “Lost In Time” (Beginning Never Ends). Each of these projects showcased up and coming artists that are on the Big Boy Politicz Label, such as Ron Loe (The Prophet), Kaprice Klassic, XSEF and Amani Refine.

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