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YouTube money makers. A new super group that has endless musical talent and riveting good looks, people magazine named the group "the next best thing" formed in 2011 James and Keegan took the Internet by storm with their first hit single gludious Maximus sending them to instant


Keegan Jackson was once a country boy from Calgary, Alberta. when one unfortunate stampeded a horrible accident happened where he lost more than his confidence, he lost his soul...... he journeyed long and far to find himself until he stumbled upon Vancouver, British Columbia. A town that flourished with a so called "Hip-hop" genre of music, he was very unsure of this music and its culture until meeting New friend James Manzano. From there the history unfolded into what it is today... Greatness.

James Manzano was born in Vancouver B.C. He enjoys sports and living a healthy and active lifestyle. His favorite things to do are golfing, working out, and instagram...#sicklifebro. Growing up he had a strong interest in entertainment and music. When he met Keegan Jackson at the keg, they noticed that they had so much in common and naturally became best friends. Their love for each-other and music created the super duo group we now know today as YTMM.


Gludious Maximus (single) 2011
Inappropriate places (single) 2012

Set List

Gludious Maximus
Inappropriate places
Interruptive dance with Brad Allison