YTM Young Tru Millionaires

YTM Young Tru Millionaires

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Hailing from Atlanta, Chris Rich is an eclectic artist who splits his time between a successful acting career and his passion for music. When Chris is not busy modeling or acting on major television and film productions, he pursues his music career with a unique twist.

His personal and direct style set out to win over fans and critics alike through the years, leading to collaboration with the likes of Kirk Franklin and Pastor Darryl Blair.

Chris Rich teamed up with Southern Comfort Enterta


Young Tru Millionaires (YTM) consists of four young men, Yung Christyle, Mon Franklins, TrueReligion Kid Nike, and Money Walk Shorty. Formally known as Real Niggas Wit Money (RNWM), they each bring confidence, creativity, and leadership to the table when its time to compose music. All except one were born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, but they all grew up together. They’re all related to each other as well but where brought up in different neighborhoods. Mon and Christyle are brothers, while Nike and Money Walk are cousins to each other and the two brothers. They had friendship before anything. Then later found out that Money Walk Shorty was blood related to the other three, additionally drawing them closer and generating an everlasting bond. It was in 2007 when they united at Tyner High school, where they came up with their street smashing 1st record titled “Try Me Now”. They individually decided to put their heads together and deliver a new age of music. “Try Me Now” was an electrifying remake of Lil Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down”. That one song gained them street creditability and attention from all the high schools around the city, leading them to doing local shows around their local area. They continued feeding the city with more, hit after hit! After a while, they linked up with their uncle and Southern Comfort Ent, CEO L. BooBee Torrey, who took them from recording in home studios to commercial recording studios of Southern Comfort. Since Real Niggas Wit Money wasn’t a presentable name, they agreed on changing the name and labeled their selves Young Tru Millionaires, YTM for short. Consistently grinding they expanded their fan base and made a name for themselves. In the meantime, their Uncle was arrested and taken in to serve time in prison. Unfortunately, their management fell apart so the group took their own money and financed their own studio, where majority of Saucin Overboard was produced. Their most recent hits “Da Hell of It”, “Bizurk”, “I Swear” and “100” has had the streets buzzing and has also brought collaborations with other artists throughout their region. Just at the end of July, summer of 2011, they caught YouTube phenomenal Soulja Boy jacking their lyrics from their single “Da Hell of It”, naming his song “Hell of It”, which he leaked on twitter. YTM immediately posted statuses, tweets, and videos all over their social networks, quickly getting the word out to the public. The videos provide hidden evidence that proves Soulja Boy is absolutely guilty of stealing their song. YTM’s song “Da Hell of It” was composed and copy written back in 2009. They’re currently having Soulja Boy’s song along with theirs reviewed by the Attorneys for copyright infringement before they take further action. Their passion for music is way beyond the money and fame. Their ambitions of fulfilling their childhood dreams will not be complete until that goal is reached. These four talented, determined, young men give 100% effort towards everything they do regarding this actual movement. Staying committed to promoting and sharing their music in every way possible, sure enough YTM will go further than the usual. Performing at numerous shows and events, YTM energetically entertains their audience. With their main event performance they’ve opened up for several concerts and heavy weight artists including Travis Porter, who paid their respect by complimenting YTM when they were coming off stage at a show headlined by Travis Porter. Since the beginning, they’ve all carried their own way of dressing themselves, which adds to the amusing image they present. YTM plans to remain devoted and continue making catchy, trending songs that may one day impact the world. Three and a half years later YTM are set to go with there original family. The New "Immaculate Southern Comfort Entertainment".With upcoming commercial releases for 2013 there sure to be in the winners circle!