Dogg Mann

Dogg Mann

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Our music reaches out and gives off a lot of energy in todays youth. It helps people visualize real life challenges and the revolving world we live in. Just the music along touches alot of sensitive areas within people. People who listen to our music says that it energizes them in clubs,cars, & etc


Dogg Mann b.k.a. Dizzzle(Charles Alexander Jr.) was born in Baton Rouge, La. raised in St. Gabriel, La. He was introduced to the streets at an early age. He learned alot from being into the street life so he developed an interest for writing. He wrote about real life experiences he encountered and others around him. He's always involved with today's youth. He expresses a path in his lyrics that today's youth can learn from. It's all about the decisions you make in life. In 2004 he started recording and by 2005 YT'z(youngthugz) was born and 6Figures Entertainment Records was created. "Thugg'n Iz How We Play It" was the groups first release. The album had a huge impact on the community and surrounding areas. Everyone was on that first album, they began to do live shows and started traveling. Between 2005 and 2006 they started releasing mixtapes to keep the streets into their music. By 2007 a maxi-single was released an fans just loved the style and change in music from 2005 release. For 2009 he will be releasing his first solo album to develope a more wide spread street buzz across the globe.


"Thugg'n Iz How We Play It" was the name of the first album released under 6 Figures Entertainment Records. A maxi-single was released in late 2007 titled YT'z maxi-single vol. 1 In 2009 we will be releasing two top of the charts albums. Be on the look out