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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"1/30/08 Review --Government Names"

Yuk & C.U.T. - 3 Da Hardwae: Squadre Radio (For The People Entertainment)

Last month, I wrote a feature in the City Paper about For The People Entertainment, and posted a bunch of tracks from the label's roster. Two of the artists out of the crew that I hadn't heard that much when I did the article were Yuk & C.U.T., who are a duo and kind of a group within a group, since Squadre Committee is comprised of all the For The People MC's. And after I did the interview with everybody I heard from Yuk later and he hooked me up with some of the material he's working on for an upcoming solo project that sounds good, and this mixtape. Most of the tracks on here feature Yuk and/or C.U.T. (not to be confused with Cutthroat, another FTP artist), but almost everyone else from the label makes an appearance, Billo and Bear and Ace and Lil Shank. And it might be my favorite FTP release I've heard to date, or close to it, mostly because it does display the most of their sounds and abilities. C.U.T. is performing this Thursday, January 31st and also March 1st at Suite's Indie Night, down in the Belvedere Hotel. On this mixtape Yuk & C.U.T. shout out an album they have coming soon called Dedicated.

Yuk & C.U.T. - "Whut They Talkin' Bout" (mp3)
The two of them only rap on about 6 tracks on this mixtape together, and this is my favorite of those. - Government Names- Al Shipley


Music Is My Life EP-2008
Hey Lil Mama (What the Business Is?)- Single



Yuk is B-more worldwide! Yuk is the definition what it means to truly entertain! More than just a lyrical beast, Yuk is a mastermind of controlling the stage and rocking the mic. “Mr. Livewire” himself is one of the hottest to ever touch the mic in years however this entertainer possesses many talents and skills that surpasses his musical ability. Born in the City of Baltimore, hip hop was a natural way of life as he grew. “My uncles were B-boys back in day, so I grew up in hip hop.” Being immerged into the hip hop culture at a very young age, music became his outlet from a dysfunctional family life filled with financial struggle and substance abuse. Using music as his refuge, at the age of 16, Yuk cultivated his skills as an entertainer and made music his main pursuit. While being mentored by his uncles on the elements of hip hop Yuk surrounded hanging out at one of Baltimore inner city spots, Shake and Bake. As Yuk began to take his career into a more serious direction, he affiliated himself with independent record label, 410 Dragons where he befriended DJ Jabril. While becoming fast friends, they also cliqued musically and since then Yuk has been featured on every DJ Jabril mix tape. Around 2004, Yuk joined non profit organization and hip hop label, For The People, LLC. While with For the People, he collaborated with fellow MC Cut. Together they released several mix tapes, and spearheaded several events in the DMV region. From that moment, Yuk’s musical catalog expanded rapidly as 2004’s “Jackin’ For Beats Da Hardwae”, 2006’s “Get it Da Hardwae”, and 2007’s “3 Da Hardwae: Squadre Radio” were all released under the FTP imprint. To date, over 50,000 units have been sold of Yuk’s musical creations and many more are to come with the recent release of the “Music Is My Life” EP and the upcoming release of a full length album by the end of 2008.

Yuk’s main goals for his career are to grow as an artist, encourage youth empowerment and to build a legacy. Yuk credits Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, Big L, Nas, 50 Cent, Busy Bee, KRS-1, and Rakim to name a few as his main influences. His latest effort Music Is My Life includes some of the hottest tracks and music around including hits such as “Hey Lil Mama (What the Business Is?)”, “Keep Pushin’” and “Live Wire.” The “Music Is My Life” EP is the tip of the iceberg, Yuk plans to continue to collaborate with his musical affiliates in the Baltimore artistic community as well as perform on the regional and national level. With already a growing fan base, Yuk a.k.a “Mr. Livewire” is ready for a musical domination.

For more info, music samples, and pictures of Yuk a.k.a Mr. Livewire visit www.myspace.com/yuk.